“Rudolph Christmas Gift” Free Printable


 Hello lovely readers from The Crafting Chicks! I’m so happy to be taking part in their 12 Days of Christmas and hope you enjoyed the Rudolph Christmas Gift I created. If you haven’t seen it, make sure to jump over to The Crafting Chicks to see the full tutorial. It’s really such an easy and practical gift. I know what I’ll be gifting to my son’s teachers!

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I’m including two different download options so that you can either just print out one card (sized 3.75×5.25) or an entire page of four. For such an inexpensive cute gift, I’m sure you can think of 4 people to give this to! Both sheets include a thin blue outline to show you where to cut.

Rudolph Easy Christmas Gift - Cut

Also, a few of you asked the specific type of lip balm I used, it was EOS Summer Fruit but EOS Pomegranate Raspberry would work well too. You could even substitute a big red bouncy ball to make this appropriate for kids! (Thanks, Yana, for the idea!)

Rudolph Easy Christmas Gift - Insert

Hope you find this printable useful during the upcoming holiday season and as always, please refrain from using for commercial purposes…or I’ll have Rudolph put you on the naughty list! 😀

Rudolph Easy Christmas Gift - Print{Rudolph Easy Christmas Gift Free Printable – Single}

{Rudolph Easy Christmas Gift Free Printable – 4 Page}

{Rudolph Easy Holiday Gift Free Printable – Blank}



  1. this is sooooo super cute!!!!

  2. Love this idea! And I am a huge fan of eos lip balm and was thinking to get them as a gift and this is just the perfect way to hand them out! I have a question, though… Should I just hit print or should I change the size of it? How big is the final rectangle after trimmed?
    Thank you!!! Can’t wait to make them and hand them out!!!

  3. This is SOOOO cute! My girls will definitely be making these for gifts to their friends this Christmas. Thank you for sharing your crafty mind with us less creative!!

  4. It is downloading to a 81/2×11 size and it looks smaller when in your tutorial. Is there a way to get the download with several on a page?

  5. This is so cute! Thank you! What size is it supposed to be? My computer wants to print it on a full 81/2 by 11 sheet of paper. That seems a little big to me.

  6. I printed mine on card stock and then just stuck the lip gloss on top of the red circle. Looks very cute!
    Thanks for the CUTE idea.

  7. This is just what I was looking for! Lots of special people I want to bless, but hard to find things to get excited about under $5. Thank you for keeping it free!

  8. Is it possible to get the printable without the picture? I’d like to change the language to French for my son’s teachers.

  9. I love this idea! I’m on a budget this year, with a new little one. Doing three items goodie bags. This is perfect for 12 females in my family. They all love eos, this makes it fun and cute. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Totally cute idea! Thank you for sharing it. Can you tell me what type/size bag you used…it looks like it’s a perfect fit for the printout. Thank You.

    • Also, what kind of glue did you use? I’d like to know the answer to Sherry’s question too…sorry…just want to have all my supplies together before I start this adorable project. Thank you so much.

  11. So I am a bit confused do you cut through the foam core too or is that what holds the lip gloss in.. I can’t get in my mind what the back should look like.

  12. Wondering if I can purchase (since it’s such a great idea) a ‘Happy Holidays’ version from you…I’m a manager and want to give this out to my employees but cannot use ‘Christmas’ unfortunately. It’s a Holiday Party 🙁

    Thanks sooooo much!!!

  13. Is it possible for you to post the reindeer picture without the words? I’d like to use this for my college student employees for an end of semester gift but I can’t give it out with “Merry Christmas.”

  14. Such a great and cute idea, but I cant seem to get the printable of 4 to work. Is the link not available anymore?

  15. I cannot get this to download. It says file is empty. I know this is not true because I see all the other comments. Is there something I should do different?

  16. Hey! I’m just wondering what type of plastic did you put yours in and if i can buy them somewhere? maybe you found it at your local dollar store? or did you cut and glue plastic to fit?

  17. love it!!! right now some of the walgreens have their own version of EOS and its a shiny red package….they had them in a big container by the front checkouts or by make-up counter

  18. This is fabulous! Costco has a 5-pack of EOS for $10.99. And I bought red metallic tissue paper to overwrap the other colors. So excited to give these to co-workers.

  19. Adorbs! But I have a request..can you do one with the Merry Christmas there but remove the From and the line on the bottom next to the From, for me <3 ? I am asking since I want to print these and leave the EOS in the package since I don't really know all the girls I am giving them to and don't want to give them an open lip balm, you know? So I tried printing and I am able to leave it in the EOS package but I have to cut thenose way bigger which is fine, but due to the packaging it needs to be v shaped cut in the center middle bottom (if that makes sense?) and the line and From get messed up. The Lip balm plastic is not really perfectly round and has a little plastic square at the base for the lip balm to stand up..so that is getting in the way when I slip the printable over the lip balm plastic. I hope this is clear I can take a pic…By the way they are on sale at CVS for $2/6.00 this week! =) Hope that helps someone.

  20. We just made these for my college age daughter to handout for their gift exchange, they even look cute with different colored noses! Would you consider making a snowman face version for the orange ones? 🙂 Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

  21. Hi, I’m in the UK and have struggled to get the lip balm you suggested so have bought some similar unfortunately the pots are a little larger and therefore do no justice to your lovely reindeer. Please could you make the image twice the size? So two images fit on a A4 sheet. Fabulous idea by the way. Yours hopefully R xx

  22. Thank you so much! My daughter has special needs and is blessed to have many wonderful teacher, therapists and helpers in her life. I always want to give them something at Christmas but it needs to be affordable as I have about 25 people to give to. Plus, they are the same people from year to year so I’m always looking for something new and creative! This will be a hit this year! Thank you so much!

  23. Would it be possible to get this in a jpeg. I have Adobe but i want to put this on a zip drive to have them printed but it will not allow me….

  24. So adorable!! Thank you so much. We just cleared the shelves of red EOS lip balm, and my daughters are giving these to all their friends this year. Thanks for sharing your talent!

  25. Can you tell me what font you used? I think I need to download it as it’s not coming out correctly? I love this card! Thank you!

      • Fonts were wonky for me as well. Looks like the 4-up one is not flattened. Please let us know once it’s flattened so I can re-download. This is such a super cute idea and I can’t wait to hand these out to my kids teachers! Thank you so much for sharing and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family! 🙂

  26. Just printed a few for teachers! Our school collects $20 from each family and divides the total evenly among teachers in the form of gift cards, but I still love giving something personal. Thanks for putting this together!

  27. What an awesome idea!! My daughter wants to give gifts to her friends and this is such a thoughtful and affordable way for her to share Christmas with them. Thank you for sharing your talent – it is very much appreciated!! Wishing you the Merriest Christmas!!

  28. I cut the nose hole just a little larger, didn’t use the foam core and left the balms in the packaging since I made over a dozen of these to give away and I didn’t know some of the recipients well. Worked great just taped the printable onto the lip balm package! Thanks again!!

  29. LOVE the idea!! My printer doesn’t print color, but I used your printout for a template. It worked great!!! Giving them to all the gals I know!

  30. Love this idea… Used it for several people this Christmas…. I was wonder (because I am not talented enough) if maybe you would do a cute clown face with an eos as the nose that said happy birthday…. Then I could pull these out and look thoughtful anytime

  31. I am using an Apple computer and want to print on a 4×6 card stock paper. The alignment is totally off…Does anyone know how to fix the alignment?

  32. Love this! I used this last year for daycare gifts and am using it for a gift this year too! My only suggestion would be to make the nose white so it doesn’t use up so much ink to print! Thank you!
    Also my alignment was off so the tops of the first 2 and the bottoms of the bottom 2 were cut off, but I just scaled it down a little so they fit!

  33. Just used this printable to make Christmas gifts for my son’s teachers. They turned out so cute and the teachers loved them as well. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  34. Love the card….Would it be possible for you to put my name on the card, I will gladly pay.
    The name is DOROTHY LITTLEPAGE Thanks and have a great day!


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