Halloween Skull Wreath

Make a Halloween Skull Wreath to greet all the trick-or-treaters this year! Super easy to put together with just a few materials. Even lights up!If you’ve been around Tried & True long enough, you’ve probably already realized how much I love to make Halloween Wreaths. There’s just something about Halloween that makes me to hang skeleton parts off my door! This Halloween Skull Wreath is super easy and inexpensive to make. I got these skulls from Dollar Tree last year but I saw them there again this year. The supplies were really limited so run out now!

Halloween Skull Wreath


  • Styrofoam Mini Skulls
  • 16.5 Gauge Rebar Tie Wire (or any other wire that is super sturdy, not floral wire!)
  • Hot Glue & Gun
  • Ribbon


Step 1. Cut a 3′ length of wire and begin adding the skulls by pushing the wire through the styrofoam. You’re going to want to insert the wire in approximately the same area for each skull. This will help the symmetry of wreath later on.

Halloween Skull Wreath - Insert WireStep 2. Once all the skulls have been impaled laced, make a tight circle (you’re going to want all the skulls touching) and bend the wires to secure.

Halloween Skull Wreath - Bend WireStep 3. Add some hot glue between each skull to prevent the heads from rotating on the wire. I know that usually hot glue and styrofoam is a “no-no” but these skulls have so much paint and glitter, the glue works perfectly well without melting anything.

Halloween Skull Wreath - Add GlueStep 4. Add pretty orange ribbon (also found at Dollar Tree) to the top and hang!

Halloween Skull Wreath - Simple and spooky!

Time To Get Spooky!

Your front door is now ready to greet all those horribly adorable trick-or-treaters! The skulls at The Dollar Tree had little lights in them which made for a fun nighttime wreath that the kids absolutely adored. Hope you enjoy making your own Halloween Skull Wreath! Let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. I got the only 8 working skulls from my local Dollar Tree last night (I’m glad I checked, looked like some had been left on and died). I think I can do this with 8, it will just be a tighter circle, I laid them out on the floor before I bought them. I’m so excited, this looks so easy! Also, I just realized I had your other Halloween wreaths pinned!

  2. I found your wreath on Pinterest and loved it. I just made my own version and can’t wait to hang it on the door. The Dollar Tree only had plastic skulls, so I had to make do with a lot of hot glue. Thank you again for the inspiration!


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