SweetPod Soft Structured Baby Carrier


A month or so ago, I agreed and was looking forward to participating in the 2010 Sewing Olympics. I had bought a pattern from Seedpod Craft back in December and needed a proper push to getting it started. The week before the Olympics started, I ordered the necessary hardware and fabric, the pattern was printed and my sewing machine was prepped. My proverbial skates were on and my sprint to the finish line was all but guaranteed.

And then it all came to a screeching halt when I got a nasty skin infection.

With my body trying to fight off whatever was ravaging my face (They still don’t know. MRSA? Impetigo?), I had little energy for anything other than vegging on the couch. Good for viewing the Vancouver Olympics, bad for completing the Sewing Olympics.

But I’m not one to quit a challenge and I finally finished my amazing SweetPod carrier yesterday! The pattern is absolutely wonderful and the instructions are clear and to the point. Plenty of diagrams to help when you brain just can’t seem to wrap itself around a direction. Really, I can’t rave enough about the pattern!

Because of the multiple components of this project, it is quite time consuming. I broke up the work throughout a few nights: assemble pattern, cut fabric and padding, sewing parts, final assembly. I’m a fairly experienced sewer and had no problem with any of the required techniques. I really think even a novice sewer could make their own SweetPod.

As for fit, I’ve only had time to walk around the house with Jackson in it but from what I can tell, it’s got a great fit. My husband tried it on and even with his drastically different body type, it fit him great. A few adjustments of the buckles and he was good to go. There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to putting it on, taking it off or switching the baby to your back. Luckily, there are video tutorials to show you the way. It really is quite easy once you get the hang of it.

So I hope no one is offended by my late entry into the Sewing Olympics. I’m kinda like one of those wounded skiers that finishes the course even though they crashed, right? Except not the perfect body and multimillion product endorsements, of course. I can’t wait to to go grocery shopping with my new SweetPod!*

*This will be the last time I will ever be excited about grocery shopping.


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Vanessa Brady is a craft blogger, mother of two boys, and a hot sauce junkie. She's been running Tried & True for over 7 years and her tutorials have been featured in numerous craft books and publications.


  1. Wait, nevermind. The whole point is to make one yourself. Maybe someday I’ll use my sewing machine for more than hemming pants. HAHAHA.

  2. It looks fantastic!! I love the elephant fabric– perfect for wearing a boy:) It is so exciting to see how people use the pattern– that they can follow it and end up with a perfect carrier.

    Go you!

  3. Wow, it looks incredible! I say you get a gold medal anyway! I finished my sewing olympics project but it looks like crap, so you’re way ahead of the game. 🙂 congratulations and Jackson looks quite pleased as well!

  4. Hi
    I just bought the sweet pod pdf and i would like to know if the 3/8″ (1 cm) are included in the pattern or if i have to add it.
    Thanks a lot.


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