Lip Balm Valentine’s Day Gift

Lip-Balm-Valentines-Day-Gift-4Hello Lovely Eighteen25 readers! Here are the Lip Balm Valentine’s Day Gift labels. You can either choose 1 per page or 4 per page depending on how many you need to give. Please refrain from using for commercial purposes. Don’t forget to check out the full tutorial over at Eighteen25!

Lip Balm Valentine’s Day Gift (1/page)
Lip Balm Valentine’s Day Gift (4/page)



  1. Your picture shows the picture without your blog name on it but the printable shows the blog name on the printable. That’s really annoying. No one wants to give someone a gift with a tag that has a blog name on it. Maybe just go ahead and charge for your image instead of getting people excited about this cute printable and then having your name on it.


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