Faux Stone Jewelry with Polymer Clay

Tutorial on How to Make Faux Stones with Polymer ClayDid you collect rocks as a kid? I wasn’t so much a rock collector as a “shape collector,” picking up stones that resembled hearts or animals and storing them to be admired at a later time. There must be some sort of magic in rocks because it seems all people, young and old, are naturally drawn to the pretty ones.

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The only problem is after you find a great rock, what are you going to do with it? Jewelry is a great option but sometimes these rocks can be a bit too heavy to wear as earrings or even around your neck (trying to avoid having my earlobes hang below my shoulders if possible!) That’s where this Faux Stone Jewelry made with Polyform Souffle Clay comes in handy. You’re never going to believe what we’ll mix into the clay to give it a real “stoney” look!

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Faux Stone Jewelry with Polymer Clay

– Black/White Polyform Souffle Clay
– Dryer Lint (Yes. I said “dryer lint”)
Polyform Clay Tools
Jewelry Findings


1. Pull off two small, equal portions of the black and white clay and manipulate until colors are mixed. The easiest way I found to do this was to coil them together and fold and fold and fold. Stop right before the colors mix completely so that you have little bits of black still visible.

Faux Stone Jewelry - Mixing2. Once you have the color and consistency you’re happy with, fold in a small amount of lint and continue manipulating until the fibers are evenly dispersed.

Faux Stone Jewelry - Dryer Lint3. You can always add more clay if you’re unhappy with the color. I didn’t like how mine was a solid gray so I added a bit of black to create more of an imperfect “rock” look.

Faux Stone Jewelry - Add More Color4. Now comes the fun part! After you’re happy with the color of clay, you can start shaping. I went with a heart but you can choose any. A natural rock shape would be awesome.

A couple of hints: do a google image search to get inspiration, don’t make it too symmetrical, use the tools to add a variety of natural marks.

After you’re done, insert an Eye Pin and bake according to the clay instructions. I didn’t have any Eye Pins available so I just kinda made my own.

Faux Stone Jewelry - Shape5. After allowing the clay to cool completely, add jewelry findings to complete your necklace!

Faux Stone Jewelry - FindingsI’ve played with clay a fair amount and I’ve got to say, this might be the easiest to work with. In fact, it was almost too easy! I over handled my piece a few times, lost some of the detail, and had to keep on adding slashes and pit marks with the tools. Just a word to the wise!

Faux Stone Jewelry - Finished!Overall, I loved working with Polyform Souffle Clay. The matte, suede-like finish perfectly complemented the “stone” look I was going for and manipulating the clay was easy enough that my hands didn’t ache by the end of it. Can’t wait to try this tutorial with all the different colors available!

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Faux Stone Jewelry - Using lint to make fake stones!



  1. If you aren’t wanting to make it for jewelry would normal polymer clay work also? I don’t really care about the weight of it.

  2. Does adding the lint make the clay more porous? I will try this, but thought I’d ask since I can’t get my hands on clay his very second 😉

  3. looks so cool and want to try ..anyone know where to get polymer clay in the uk is it a diff name..don’t think I seen it in shops b4?


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