World Map Wall Art DIY

World Map Wall Art DIY - Make this large art piece with just a few supplies! | triedandtrueblog.comI’ve got a super special treat for you all, my sister is back with another awesome DIY home tutorial! She’s got an amazing eye for home decor and is crazy crafty. The perfect combination for awesome DIY projects. I know you guys are going to love this World Map Wall Art tutorial!

Hi everyone, I’m Vanessa’s sister, Adriana, and it’s time to fill up another wall in the house.  Last time I was here, I shared the Minimal Indoor Herb Garden that I made for our dining room. Now it’s time to focus on our living room!  When I started designing my room I totally fell in love with all the world map art that is prevalent on Pinterest. Knowing that I needed a specific size and wood stain, I consulted with my sister to see if DIY-ing this was a possibility…and it was!  

World Map Wall Art DIY - Blank WallThis post may contain affiliate links for your convenience and to assist in the maintenance of this site.

It first started with purchasing a ¼-inch 8’x4’ piece of plywood and having it cut to four 2’x1.5’  panels by the kind folks at our local Home Depot. We gave each panel a light sanding and then stained each piece twice to achieve our desired color.

World Map Wall Art DIY - SilhouetteNext, we used a Silhouette cutting machine to cut the world image on contact paper.  This was a little tricky as the width of the panels was larger than the width of the Silhouette machine so a few hairs were pulled out trying to remember which sections had already been cut (here’s the Silhouette World Map file we used.)

World Map Wall Art DIY - Contact PaperIt was time to place the contact paper on each panel!  I tried to recruit my husband to help but he’s a smart man and opted to save our marriage instead of work on this together. This was a slow process and required a lot of patience. Go slow and take your time!

World Map Wall Art DIY - Spray PaintYay, time for spray paint!  I ended up using a black chalkboard spray paint mainly because I liked how matte it is and thought we could eventually use the map for educational purposes. Love the idea of using chalk to write in all the places we visit!

World Map Wall Art DIY - RemoveAfter a couple hours it was time for some fun…slowly peeling back the contact paper and seeing all land masses intact.  I found some post adapters at Home Depot to use as the hangers. Because the panels were so thin, I had to use Gorilla Glue to attach them to the backs.

World Map Wall Art DIY - BracketsI’m super happy with how my World Map Wall Art DIY turned out! It cost about 40 bucks in supplies, so much cheaper than most of the other map options I’ve seen. This project is perfect for any large wall section you need to cover. Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and decide to give it a try!



  1. I love this project! Of course, because I did one just like it. I wish I could have saved you some trouble since I made my own map and cutfiles that is perfectly sized to 12×12 grid sheets and free.


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