Vintage Coin Purse Tutorial & Pattern

Sew your own adorable Vintage Coin Purse with this tutorial and patternHave you started thinking about Christmas/End of the Year gifts? Don’t wait too long, it’ll be Halloween before you know it and then the holiday season is upon us! Here’s an easy Vintage Coin Purse tutorial I made for Crafts Unleashed that you can whip out for the women or teens in your life! This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience and to help in the maintenance of this blog.

I love coin purses. They’re just so useful, so little and so cute!

I also love that they’re a great gift that, if you sew, can come together pretty quickly. And if you don’t sew, they’re a perfect beginner project! Consumer Crafts has adorable (and super reasonable!) Vintage-Style Coin Purse Frames, but it doesn’t come with a pattern so I whipped one up. Hope you enjoy!

Vintage Coin Purse - Pattern

Vintage Coin Purse Tutorial & Pattern



1. Using the Free Coin Purse Tutorial Pattern, cut out four pieces of fabric of your choice. In my example, the light blue fabric will be the outside of my coin purse and the red will be the lining.

Vintage Coin Purse - Pattern2. With the right sides facing each other, mark the edges of the Coin Purse Frame.

Vintage Coin Purse - Notches3. Sew the bottom of the outside fabric from one marking to the other. Repeat with lining.

Vintage Coin Purse - Sew4. Make a small (1/4?) snip where you marked the Coin Purse Frame ends. Turn outer fabric right side out.

Vintage Coin Purse - Slots5. Place the outer fabric pouch inside of the lining pouch (right sides facing). Making sure to keep the flaps aligned, sew the top flaps together from one marking/slit to the other. Make sure to leave a small opening in one of the flaps (pictured below).

Vintage Coin Purse - Opening6. Turn right side out and press. You may find it useful to use a pencil or chopstick to help you turn the corners out. Sew the small opening shut.

Vintage Coin Purse - Close7. Now you’re going to hand stitch the pouch to the frame. I found it handy to keep the pouch flap in place with two small pieces of tape. I just sewed right through them and then tore them off when the stitching was complete. I used a full strand of embroidery floss with a really large needle, but you could also just use a normal needle and thread.

Vintage Coin Purse - Secure Vintage Coin Purse - Attach8. (Optional) Make some super cute extra small yo-yo’s to embellish your adorable pouch! Just follow the instructions on the Yo-Yo Maker packet and sew in place

Vintage Coin Purse - Yo-YosVintage Coin Purse - DoneSo easy you can make one for a gift and one to keep for yourself!

Vintage Coin Purse - Coins

Hope you enjoyed this coin purse tutorial! Let me know if you have any problems with the pattern!


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  1. Hi Vanessa!
    Your coin purse is just adorable and would be a great sewing project for my granddaughters! I do not have a sewing machine but I think that I could handsew them. I’m pinning this so I can remember where to purchase the frames!

  2. I think this is awesome! I love that there is hand stitching too. I’ve made zippered pouches but this one is way more fun!

  3. This is so lovely! My eldest daughter would adore it! I have just stumbled across your blog via pinterest and I am in LOVE with your coloring prints too…..thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. I don’t think I have ever seen a clasp that allowed for sewing it to the bag. I love this. What a great project and thanks for the resource links.

  5. I just made one….I love it….the only thing I’m not sure about is there is a small gap either side where the hinge goes..


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