Valentine’s Day Tote Bag Tutorial & Printable

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Can anyone ever have too many tote bags? Especially super cute ones with glitter?! I think not. Although it’s a great gift for any age, this Valentine’s Day Tote Bag (originally written for Crafts Unleashed) is great to make for or with the tween girls in your life.

A fun project that won’t make your 12 year old roll her eyes? Total score, right? I’m not sure if the young people are still using the term “Totes” for “totally” but even if it’s somewhat out of fashion, it’s Valentine’s Day…you’re suppose to be cheesy! Valentine's Day Tote Bag & Printable - A Tried & True Project

Valentine’s Day Tote Bag & Printable Tag

White Cotton Tote Bag
Martha Stewart Crafts™ Punch All Over the Page™ – Heart or Cutting Machine
Fabric Paint or Acrylic Paint with Fabric Medium
Freezer Paper
– “You’re Totes Awesome!” gift tag
Baker’s Twine


1. Use a heart punch to cut out approximately 100 hearts out of the freezer paper (you may need more or less with different sized bags). Alternately, you can use a cutting machine (I love my Silhouette!) to cut out all the hearts as well.

Valentine's Day Tote Bag & Printable - Hearts2. On a low temperature setting, iron the first heart in the center at the top of the bag.

Valentine's Day Tote Bag & Printable - Place3. Continue positioning each heart, off-setting each row. (See picture below)

Valentine's Day Tote Bag & Printable - Continue4. Apply a thin layer of fabric paint to the exposed bag. I’d suggest applying multiple thin layers instead of one super heavy layer of paint to prevent the color from soaking through to the other side.

Valentine's Day Tote Bag & Printable - Paint5. Continue to apply paint until exposed fabric is covered completely. Allow to dry.

Valentine's Day Tote Bag & Printable - Dry6. Once the paint has dried, you can begin to remove the freezer paper hearts. It’s fun to see your pattern emerging!

Valentine's Day Tote Bag & Printable - Remove7. Optional: Optional: Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can go in and hand paint a few of the hearts. I’m kinda crazy about gold glitter right now so I went the gold/matte gray route but I’d love to see this with gray and bright pink too!

Valentine's Day Tote Bag & Printable - Glitter8. If you’re planning on giving your Valentine’s Day Tote Bag as a gift, feel free to print and attach the free “You’re Totes Awesome!” gift tag.

Valentine's Day Tote Bag & Printable - TagAnd there you have it! The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the teen or tween in your life!

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  1. love this!!! can you send me one? 😉

  2. Very cute idea. I would like to do a pillow instead.
    Quick question…does the glitter flake off the bag and get sparkles on everything?
    I don’t want it all over my sofa?.
    Also, just for my interest…what makes the freezer paper adhere to the fabric?
    Thank you


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