Toddler Activity Bags Swap

1) Color/Shape Matching Cards 2) Oversized Dominos 3) Button Snake
4) Lacing Cards 5) Color Sorting 6) Dough Fun
7) Shape Stencils 8) Popsicle Puzzle 9) Rigatoni Stringing
10) Coloring/Stamping 11) Counting and Sorting 12) Scavenger Hunt

I’ve got to admit…this whole toddler thing is uncharted territory for me! Just when I thought I was getting the hang of caring for a baby, Jackson went and changed into a toddler. His amazing little mind needs me to be so much more engaged and I find myself trying to play “catch up.”

So how do I research activities to stimulate a growing mind? The internet, of course. I first came upon the idea of toddler activity bags through Chasing Cheerios. What a great way to keep a kid busy for just a few minutes while you change out of your pajamas or finish your burger and fries at a restaurant! Here are a few more links for toddler bags: Muses of Megret, Intrepid Murmurings, and the motherload of activity ideas, My Delicious Ambiguity.

Yesterday a few local moms and I got together to swap our activity bags. The concept was easy: we each made 12 identical gallon-sized freezer bags filled with a toddler friendly activity and swapped for 12 other different bags. We all ended up with about a dozen activities that can be pulled out when needed.

Can’t wait to put these to good use!


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  1. We used ours today (the button/unbutton activity bag) and it kept Sammy busy while our food was being prepared! Thanks for organizing the whole thing, we’re so lucky to have you in our lives :)

  2. Hey, thanks for linking to me! I just realized the pictures on my activity bag post are down, I’ll try to get them fixed ASAP. Love your post and the pictures of your activities — they look great and I definitely want to try several of them! I hadn’t been to that last link you mentioned with the motherload of activity bag ideas — wow, there’s a TON! I think I am going to be inspired to make a bunch of these for holiday gifts for my girls this year!

  3. oops, a bit new to blogging other people’s pictures and I just popped yours on my blog (with a link). Hope this is ok, please let me know if not and I will take them down (and ensure I ask before next time).

  4. Hi! I was wondering if you had instructions and/or a printable version for the dominoes activity listed in this swap.

    • Hi Elaine, the dominoes were made out of craft foam. I think she used a hole punch to make the dots. Hope that helps!


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