Pine Cone Christmas Wreath

Pine Cone Christmas Wreath: A beautiful and simple way to greet your guest during the holidays!
There’s nothing quite like the smell of pine to awaken that Christmas anticipation, right? Even when we use our vintage tinsel tree, I still love having the scent of pine floating through our house, adding to the spirit of the season!

Since our house is surrounded on all sides by pine trees, decorating with pine cones isn’t optional. I absolutely adore the natural and rustic feel they give decorations and the fact that they’re free doesn’t hurt either! Here’s an easy tutorial on how to make the Pine Cone Christmas Wreath I have hanging on my front door. Hope you enjoy!

Pine Cone Christmas Wreath - Glade Setting the Mood

Speaking of the smell of Christmas, have you smelled the lovely Glade winter candles yet? Their Sparkling Spruce scent is the perfect mixture of  fresh-cut pine needles, eucalyptus and fir and is a great companion to this pine cone wreath. Glade even has a scented oil warmer to use if you have young children running rampant around the house like we do!

Pine Cone Christmas Wreath


  • 18″ Metal Wreath Form
  • Preserved Sheet Moss
  • Floral Wire
  • Pine Cones
  • Burlap Wired Ribbon


Step One. Either collect or buy pine cones. If you’re collecting them from nature, you’re probably going to want to put them in the oven at 200° for about 30 minutes to cook off any creepy crawlies and sap. Make sure to pick off more than you need so that you can pick and choose the best of the bunch!

Pine Cone Christmas Wreath - Pine ConesStep Two. Tear off long chunks of the preserved sheet moss and press into the wire wreath form. You’re going to want them to be wide enough to cover the outer edges of the wire.

Pine Cone Christmas Wreath - MossStep Three. Interlace a piece of wire to the bottom of a pine cone and twist in the middle. Use excess wire to secure around the wire wreath.

Pine Cone Christmas Wreath - WiredStep Four. Continue attaching pine cones until entire wreath is covered. Flip over wreath and trim any excess wire strands.

Pine Cone Christmas Wreath - ClipStep Five. Tie a bow out of the wired burlap ribbon and attach to wreath with floral wire.

Pine Cone Christmas Wreath - BowSimple Elegance

All that’s left to do is hang in place on your front door as a perfect way to warmly greet your holiday guests! Of course, you can also customize the wreath with different ribbons, added embellishments, or even small wooden decorations placed in the middle.

I think I’ll leave it this way for a while but eventually I might switch out the ribbon for a plaid one or add a wood deer cut-out to match the Rustic Woodland theme I’ll be decorating with this year. I love it when a wreath can be so easily transformed to match your whims and tastes! Hope you have a great holiday season!

Pine Cone Christmas Wreath - DoorPine Cone Christmas Wreath - Ready to greet!

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