Organizing An Art Space

Organizing An Art Center - A Tried & True ProjectThis post may contain affiliate links for your convenience and to assist in the maintenance of this site.

Leave it to a new year to get your butts in gear! I’ve had all the supplies to organize an art space for my kids for over a year and I’m just now finally putting them together. My 5 year old has been really into drawing lately (It’s no wonder, with the father he has! Check out the Sci Fi Story Stones Jim just whipped up for me. Like nothing.) so I figured it was high time our art center was put to good use.

First things first…please ignore my unfinished wall in the following pictures. We remodeled the downstairs play area when my son was born (um, five years ago) and I’m just now remembering we never went back to add the base board. Yeah, wow, there’s a reason I’m a craft blogger and not a DIY one. Ok, now that that’s out of the way, onward to Organizing An Art Center!

Organizing An Art Center - MaterialsThis is really such an easy project to pull together for your kids but there are a few particular materials that you’ll need:

1. Large Oil Drip Pan (47″x25″): You gotta love those large oil drip pans that took Pinterest by storm! I went all over town to find one that was reasonably priced and relatively devoid of markings (there’s a few raised words that I put at the bottom so they wouldn’t interfere while drawing). An auto parts store had some out of stock and in the end I found this one at Wal-Mart for under $15.

Word to the wise, although I love these drip pans (they can be used with magnets or dry erase markers and you don’t have to worry about any sharp edges), I had to use some pretty strong cleaners to get the layer of grease off that they come with. Straight vinegar didn’t work (like it does 95% of the time!) so I had to buy a small bottle of Simple Green. That and a bit of elbow grease got the job done!Organizing An Art Center - Tins2. Galvanized Storage Tins: I found these two tins in the dollar section of Target and I’m totally wishing I picked up more! They had ribbon handles that were easy to remove and hang from nails in the wall. I used my handy Silhouette Cameo and some black vinyl to add the words “pencils” and “markers.” You know…just in case my kids actually decide to clean up after themselves. (Not holding breath!) 😀Organizing An Art Center - Close 3. Slide Check Rack: Ok, this is one of those particular materials I mentioned above. In case you don’t know what a Slide Check Rack is, it’s one of those receipt holder thingies that they use in restaurants to keep track of orders. Great for receipts, AWESOME for hanging kids artwork! (as you can see with my Easy Interchangable Art Hanger post) Luckily the 24″ rack fits absolutely perfectly at the top of the oil pan. The screws we used to secure the rack to the wall are the same one’s that are holding the entire pan up. We added another screw at the bottom to prevent warping. I found mine at a local restaurant supply store but Amazon has them too.

Organizing An Art Center - Draw4. Magnetic Accessory Shelf: Found this in the office section for magnetic whiteboards and it works wonderfully as a catch all! Great for holding painting tools, dry erase markers, and crackers. What? You can’t expect masterpieces without proper nourishment, right?

Organizing An Art Center -  Art!5. Storage Boxes: Currently these boxes store all of our board books but eventually I’d like to use them as art supply storage. Maybe in another five years!

Hope you found some good ideas on organizing an art space for your kid! Let me know if you have any questions about any of the supplies needed or suggestions on what kind of baseboard to finish my wall with. 😀

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  1. This is awesome. I have actually had the oil pan idea pinned for while now. I really want to do this. And can I just say I love the pez collection…A-MAZING!

  2. Oh My Pez! What an amazing collection you have!

    I love the board, I also went out and bought a oil pan when I first saw it on Pinterest. I really like how you use yours! I added the two accessories to my Amazon wishlist too so that I can complete mine! It will be a perfect addition as I am going to be setting my son up to work with it and various other activities with it soon!

    Great job on the labels too, I really like what you did!

  3. Look at all the Pez!!! Okay, I had to say that first – LOL! I LOVE the wall and I especially love the drawing that your son made. As a preschool teacher, I love it when children are given an opportunity to be creative at home. I can always tell the kids in my class who don’t get enough of that at home. This is an awesome space! So how long did it take you to collect all the Pez???

    • I love you for noticing my son’s drawing! As for the Pez, my husband and I use to actively collect them before we had kids but when we moved to another house they were put in a box and promptly forgotten. We just recently put them back up and they made their grand debut on this post!

  4. This is amazing. I have to admit that I was a little distracted by the Pez too, which are also amazing! The Art space is wonderful. I love that you have pulled all these unrelated items together to look like they are all meant to be!

    • Thanks, Jessi! We actively collected them for a long time before the kids came and are just now getting around to putting them up. Kinda gave us the bug to collect more!

  5. What a great project! You took some really unconventional (to me) pieces and turned them into a great little art center, and I absolutely love that you shared your son’s artwork with us!

  6. Oh wow!! I ALWAYS leave your blog so inspired and this time is no different. I too, have those buckets (only two…wish I would have gotten more as well) I LOOOOOVE your PEZ collection. This is perfect for your little ones!! Job well done!

  7. Super use of materials. I guess I missed the oil pan explosion but now I’m tempted to search on pinterest. I also enjoyed the peek at the pez lineup.

  8. Awesome ideas!!! I need to make something like this for my girl, she loves to use marker and crayons but I’m still trying to make her understand that the whole house is not a huge paper LOL. This could be a great help on that mission! great share


  9. umm… first… love the Pez awesomeness that’s going on! What a great way to display them! Second, I seriously want to make that art center. What a great idea!

  10. How do you keep your pez from diving to their deaths? We have a similar collection in storage because we can’t find a good way to display them.

  11. This is such a great idea. Also I am absolutely obsessed with your Pez collection and display. Have to share with my brother and his girlfriend they also have a large collection.

  12. My son would die over this art space! Hopefully one day I can create something like this for him! Thanks for sharing… looks amazing!

  13. You might be the coolest parent, ever! I love that art station! Your kiddos must have such a great imagination and creative streak because of what you are able to give them. I’d really like to do something like this for my little ones in a few years (when they’re past the eating the markers phase ;))


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