New Year’s Resolution Bracelets

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Planning on turning a new leaf this year? Why not do it in style with some New Year’s Resolution Bracelets (originally created for Crafts Unleashed). You can make them on your own or have the supplies available at your New Year’s Eve party so guests can get in on the fun! Happy New Year!

A stylish bracelet to remind you of your New Year's Resolution! We all have the best intentions when it comes to New Year’s resolutions but you know how it goes…after a couple weeks, when your busy life returns to normal, resolutions often get stored away with the memories of tinsel and champagne. Here’s a fun tutorial on making a resolution reminder bracelet so that this year you can lose those last 10 pounds, find your faith or reconnect with family. Or if nothing else, at least look stylish while doing it. Best of luck!

New Year’s Resolution Bracelet

- Shrinkable Plastic Paper Sheets (White)
- Sharpies Permanent Markers (Fine & Extra Fine)
- Hole Punch
- Baker’s Twine
- New Year’s Resolution Bracelet Free Printable


Step 1. After printing out, decide which of the banners and resolutions you want from the Free Printable. You can always spell out your own if one of the provided resolutions aren’t your thing. Place the Shrinkable Plastic Sheet over the print and trace with the Sharpie. I used a Fine tip for the banner outline and an Extra Fine tip for the words. I also shifted the plastic slightly with each letter so that the word matched the shape of the banner more.

New Year's Resolution Bracelets - Draw Step 2.  Following the black outline closely, cut out each banner. Punch holes on each side. Don’t worry too much about slight imperfections. You won’t even be able to tell once they shrink down!

New Year's Resolution Bracelets - Cut Step 3. Follow the Shrinkable Plastic Sheets instructions for shrinking each banner. I don’t know about you but watching these shrink down never gets old!

New Year's Resolution Bracelets - Shrink Step 4. Cut two 10? pieces of Baker’s Twine and attach one to each side of the banner. You can either attach it to your wrist now or use the card included in the Free Printable for a gift. Best of luck with your resolution, hope the bracelet helps!

New Year's Resolution Bracelets - Wear


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