Miniature Mid-Century Modern House

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There are few things I love more than cute little miniatures and all things mid-century modern so to have a project that incorporates both of those? Pure heaven for me. Add to that the $155 giveaway I’m co-hosting and this is going to be one of my best-est posts EVER! Scroll to the bottom of this post for full details on the giveaway.

Miniature Mid-Century Modern Models - A Tried & True Project Ok, I’ve got to come clean with you all. I had big plans on making my own original patterns but then I stumbled (or should I say “gawked?”) upon a post on My So Called Crafty Life that linked to these perfect patterns on Retro Renovation and well…they’re so great and I’m so busy, why reinvent the wheel, right? Seriously, the patterns for these miniature mid-century houses are ah-mazing and totally free so get your butts over there and download them!

Miniature Mid-Century Modern Models - Home Sweet Home! The only downside to the original tutorial on Retro Renovation was that it called for cutting out the pattern by hand. Totally feasible but sooooo much easier if you use a Silhouette cutting machine! All I had to do was pull the image into Studio and trace the image to create the lines. Then it was just a matter of selecting which lines would be cut and which would be perforated. I also added perforated lines to the tabs so that they would fold easier. Super easy and the machine cut like a dream.

Here’s the step-by-step details if you want to make your own!

Miniature Mid-Century Modern Home

- Silhouette Cameo
- Cardstock
- Chipboard (I used cereal boxes)
- Spray Adhesive
- White Shrink Plastic (you could also use tissue paper)
- Strong Glue
- Free pattern from Retro Renovation


Step One: Using the Coverstock setting (1, 33, 7), cut out the house pattern out of the back of your cereal box. I cut the main house parts out of one sheet and the roof/door out of another. I made sure to cut the door windows out of both so that the light would shine through. The door is my absolute favorite part!

Miniature Mid-Century Modern Models - Cut cardboard Step Two: Using the proper setting for your type of cardstock, cut the house pattern out the colored paper of your choice. I would sell off an egg to live in a sky blue house with a yellow roof and a red door! Ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration but just a bit. ;)

Miniature Mid-Century Modern Models - Cut paper Step 3: Spray the back of the paper pieces with spray adhesive and adhere to the chipboard. Oh, that teeny tiny door just kills me!

Miniature Mid-Century Modern Models - Adhere pieces Step 4: Cut out appropriately sized pieces of the shrink plastic and glue in place. I use shrink plastic all the time (check out the Random Act of Kindness Keychains we made a couple weeks ago!) so I usually have some in stock but if you’re making your own Mini Mid-century Home and don’t have any, you could always use tissue paper or a recycled plastic container.

Miniature Mid-Century Modern Models - Add Windows Step 5: Fold the house tabs in, apply a bit of your strong glue and fold in place. You’re going to have to hold the house together while the glue dries. Kind of a bother but worth it when you see how cute this house is going to be! Repeat the process to the roof.

Miniature Mid-Century Modern Models - Glue tabs The original tutorial called for gluing the house onto a felt wrapped piece of cardboard but I wanted to be able to move the house where ever I wanted so I just glued a small piece of cardboard to the bottom. Your choice!

Miniature Mid-Century Modern Models - Sweet door

Ack! There’s that door again! Seriously. This house is so freaking cute, all I want to do is curl up on an Eames Lounger, drink a martini and listen to Dean Martin while the hours tick away on my Nelson Starburst clock. I die!


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Miniature Mid-Century Modern Models - Holiday home

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    This is super cute! I love the idea of doing a mid century house decked out for Christmas instead of a traditional Christmas village. Thanks for pointing me towards My So Called Crafty Life. New blog to follow!

  2. says

    Seriously every round of the Silhouette Projects I’m drawn to yours like white on rice. Excellent work my friend!! Glad to see success with cutting cereal boxes– I have a few projects up my sleeve but wasn’t sure how the cardboard would hold.

    Kinda bummed I didn’t participate during the final challenge, but alas deadlines are difficult haha. Thanks for opening my world to Retro Renovation and My So Crafty Life– off to spend a couple hours drooling over new blogs :p

    Trisha D.

  3. says

    That miniature house is adorable! I’ve never tried cutting cereal box chipboard with my Sil, but I’ve been saving a whole bunch of it to craft with. Thanks for showing that it can be done! I saved your cut settings in my software to try it later.

  4. says

    Oh my gosh…that tiny little red door gets me, too! And I love how the shrink plastic gives such a realistic impression of windows. I’m guessing you could also use vellum? So fun, and thanks for the link to the free plans for this puppy! I could see this being a really fun project to do with my nieces and nephews when they get a bit older. Pinning!

    Thanks for participating in the Challenge for this entire YEAR, Vanessa! Whoo hoo! So happy to have you as a partner in crafting crime. (And looking forward to all that 2014 may bring.)

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