How to Make a Television Gallery Wall

How to add pictures and random items around a TV to create a Gallery Wall!This post is sponsored by Shutterfly and their Design-A-Wall feature.

Have you ever tried to define what your personal style is? My sister and I were doing this the other day and we had a hard time figuring out what my style is. I am all over the board when it comes to buying furniture pieces. My dining room table is an adapted 1930’s drafting table, our bookcases are from a lawyers’ office in the 50’s, and our TV stand and lounger are most definitely mid-century modern.

I guess I just like old things with stories. I don’t care what decade it’s from, I always find myself drawn to interesting and unusual items in antique malls or thrift stores. Things that may have no purpose in modern times other than to serve as a reminder of a bygone era. I think I will call my style Eclectic Vintage. What do you think?

Television Gallery Wall - Side Angle
When I was brainstorming the idea of a gallery wall around my TV, I knew I was going to want a fair balance of pictures, vintage items, and art. I chose my pictures from Shutterfly first (I went with Wood Wall Art and Framed Canvas to keep with the vintage vibe) and then pulled objects from inside closets and around the house to fill in the spaces. Laying it out on the floor first was super helpful. Just make sure you leave a space as large as your TV!

Television Gallery Wall - Before
Creating a gallery wall made easy!

Shutterfly just recently rolled out their Design-A-Wall feature on their website and creating a gallery wall has never been so easy. You can choose from 6 different wall art materials placed in over 45 different arrangements. Check out that handy hanging template Shutterfly sent with my order! All we had to do was attach the included level, hang on the wall, and mark the appropriate spot for hanging. Done and done!

{Click here to visit Shutterfly Design-A-Wall!}

Television Gallery Wall - Level, Mark, and Hang!The hanging template is great even if you decide not to hang your pictures in the same layout. The wood wall art was supposed to be three across but we liked more of a triangular position instead. We were able to cut out the exact size of our portraits and maneuver them on our wall until we were happy with their placement. Sure, we could have done the exact same thing with a pencil and butcher paper but when you’re trying to get something done at the house with two crazy boys running around…you’ll take all the shortcuts you can get!

Television Gallery Wall - Adaptation
And there she is!

After we put up the portraits and the larger objects, we shifted most of the other pieces around a lot until we were happy with the look. My “Good Morning Sunshine!” Vintage Fabric Memo Board (click for tutorial!) hopped all over the place until we realized that it would be handy to have near the front door as a sort of catch-all. Same thing goes for the school mail separator I found years ago and just barely hung now. It’s the perfect magazine rack, right?

Television Gallery Wall - Front Door

If you look closely, you can see the gorgeous grain on our Wood Wall Art portraits. I absolutely love how it creates a vintage-y look to our Halloween pictures from a few years ago. They work great with the metal mirror my sisters brought me back from Spain. And how ridiculously cute is that winking owl tea light holder. I found her at an antique mall a few years ago and just couldn’t resist! You can also see the metal Shutterfly print I got Jim for our 14th anniversary hanging in the hallway (which desperately needs a new coat of paint). I just adore that man!

Television Gallery Wall - HallwayI fully realize the Eclectic Vintage look might be too busy and cluttered for some but looking at this wall makes me happy! Both the pictures and the vintage items bring back so many wonderful memories; memories of when I had a chubby-cheeked monster on my lap, the laughter of my children swinging upside down on their swing set, and the look of surprise on my father-in-law’s face when I requested the rusted metal “B” in the corner of his garage. Separately, each one of these items was special to me but together they create a sort of magical storyline that ends in my happily ever after.

How I created a Gallery Wall around my television!Television Gallery Wall - Bob




  1. Wow! Your gallery/tv wall looks awesome! I’m always wanting to do a gallery wall but never seem to get it to look right. You nailed it! And that puppy…!

  2. I love your gallery wall. I always do ours around the TV too, every time we move. Its my favorite place for one. Yours looks great! I just posted about ours a few weeks ago. I found you on a link party, thanks for sharing.


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