How To Make A Fabric Trash Can!

Use this really basic sewing tutorial to make a super conveient Fabric Trash Can! Perfect to take with you on the go!If you walk around my house lately, it becomes glaringly obvious by the mounds of used tissues everywhere that allergy season is upon us! Blah, I totally hate allergies. I’m seriously blowing my nose every five seconds and so, in order to keep up with the ridiculous amount of trash tissues I’m producing, I created this fabric trash can to follow me and my handy Puffs SoftPack where ever I go!

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How To Make A Fabric Trash Can - Allergy Season!Fabric Trash Can

Making a fabric trash can is so wonderfully easy! It’s the perfect beginner’s sewing project since you only need to sew four straight lines to complete it. To begin, you’re going to need two pieces of fabric cut 8.5″x11″ on the fold (use a standard piece of printer paper as a template). Sew along the open edge and bottom to create a bag. Repeat with other fabric piece.

How To Make A Fabric Trash Can - Cut and SewTurn the outside fabric (elephant fabric for my example) right side out and place inside of lining. If necessary, pin the top edges together and sew. Use a seam ripper to open a small hole at the bottom of the lining and pull the outside fabric through. Sew the lining seam shut again.

How To Make A Fabric Trash Can - SewPush lining into outside fabric, press top seam with an iron, and top stitch to finish!

How To Make A Fabric Trash Can - Top StitchUse a 5.25″ embroidery hoop to stabilize the fabric trash can as well as give you easy access. You can even add a piece of string to the hoop so that it can hang where ever you need it!

How To Make A Fabric Trash Can - Insert hoopAnd Boy, Do I Need It!

For the last few weeks, I’ve been walking around with my bag of Puffs SoftPacks and my fabric trash can every where I go! I love that the tissue packaging allows me to easily shove it in my diaper bag but with full-sized tissues, it’s still large enough to keep up with my nasal needs. It’s seriously so handy to have around the house and on the go!

How To Make A Fabric Trash Can - On the go!Even if you don’t suffer from allergies, don’t forget that the cold/flu season is almost upon us and you can be sure that at least one family member is going to need a Puffs SoftPack and a fabric trash can following them around! Stop by the Puffs Facebook page and share how the SoftPacks fit into your hectic life. Happy Sneezing!

How To Make A Fabric Trash Can - Perfect Pair



  1. This is such a great idea! I need to make one of these for my truck and one for the house. When the kids are sick they tend to leave their Kleenexes everywhere YUCK!

  2. Oh these are so creative, Vanessa!! We have issues with tissue mounds as well and this can would be great. I also see us being able to use these in the CAR!! Thanks for always being so inspiring!!


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