How To Make a Dragon Costume From a Sweatsuit!

How To Make a Toothless Dragon Costume from a sweatsuit! - Make Toothless!

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My 3 year old son was crazy about How To Train Your Dragon last year and was insistent about being Toothless for Halloween. Since this time of year is always busy (especially for bloggers!), there was no way I was going to have time to make an entire costume and instead opted for converting bought sweatsuits into dragons. 10x easier! In fact, the hardest part was probably finding solid-colored sweatsuits devoid of any markings (here’s a good option on Amazon).

howtotraindragons04smThe sweatsuits I found were fleece so I went with the same material to make all the extra pieces. I made a basic horn shape for both of the dragons’ heads and attached them to the hood by hand. The eyes were made from the lenses of thrifted sunglasses that were painted and glued in place.

The removable wings were made with the awesome tutorial over at I’m Feelin’ Crafty. It’s a great step-by-step tutorial that even includes a pattern!

How To Make a Toothless Dragon Costume from a sweatsuit! - Red DragonIt’s hard to show you the detail of Toothless’ tail because of the color but you’ll get the basic gist from the picture above. The back ridges and tail piece are all one piece that were stuffed and sewn in place to the back of their sweatshirt. All tail accessories (white horn and Toothless’ tail wings) were made separately and sewn in place by hand.


For Toothless, I left the main tail piece (attached to the back) open at the tip and sewed/stuffed a separate cap from a piece of faux leather. The tail wings were attached by pinching the edges of of the leather cap and sewing them in place with a thick zig-zag stitch. The whole tail tip was then attached by hand.

The tail took a bit longer than I expected but it was my absolute favorite part of the entire costume! Kids who were fans of the movie knew exactly who he was the second they saw that tail!How To Make a Toothless Dragon Costume from a sweatsuit! - Ready to Go!

In case you’re wondering how well the costumes have stood up…the kids have enjoyed playing with these costumes for an entire year and they’re still going strong! In fact, the boys wore them again to a Halloween festival this past weekend because their costumes for this year are still in production (aka. I haven’t even cut the patterns yet!)

The only thing I have to complain about these costumes is that because they’re made out of fleece, they collect every single dog hair in a 10 mile radius. Seriously, Golden Retrievers and fleece costumes do not mix!

How To Make a Toothless Dragon Costume from a sweatsuit! - Realistic Family ShotAnd here’s the happy family…two dragons and their viking trainers! 😀 Hope you enjoyed these costumes and let me know if you have any questions!

How To Make a Toothless Dragon Costume from a sweatsuit! - A Tried & True Project for Halloween



  1. adorable!

  2. Thanks so much for posting this! My hubby and I were joking around about dressing our 11 month old as Toothless since he still has no teeth. I googled costumes and they didn’t really have anything good. Then I came across your post and told him I was going to make him one. I used this a a frame if reference and made a few adjustments so that my son Luke can wear the sweatshirt part until it no longer fits. I also used different material since we have a dog and you mentioned the dog hair thing. I found this so helpful in my process to make his costume! Thank you so much!

  3. How did you attach the bits to the ‘head’ so that they don’t flop around? They seem to be standing up nicely. Thanks!

  4. I just love this. My son is obsessed with how to train your dragon, I mean watch it every day sometimes multiple times obsessed. Im definitely going to try and make this. Thanks so much for sharing

  5. These are genius. I was wondering how you made the eyes look so animated and store bought (for lack of a better word). Cost effective and super creative. I think I’m going to make one for myself and I’m in my 30’s. haha. I also liked how your whole family followed a viking theme in support of your boy’s HTTYD phase 🙂 You are a super mom!

  6. Would you ever consider making one to sell? I really love this for my son for this halloween but I am not crafty at all!

    • Awh, I’m sorry, Nicole, but I’m barely going to have enough time to make costumes for my sons! Feel free to message me as much as you want for help if you do decide to take it on!

  7. This is so AWESOME!! My 5 year old is OBSESSED with HTTYD and we have like ALL of the dragon toys! He wants to be a dragon from HTTYD for Halloween and this is PERFECT!! He wanted to be the 2 headed Hideous Zippleback but I talked him into Toothless (who is his original favorite dragon but I think he’s going through a phase of picking out a new favorite dragon every week.) I just wanted to say THANK YOU for posting this and most likely I’ll be dinging you for help! Help! Help! in the near future. I know it’s only mid-September but I’m going to start on this right away cause I have 3 boys (ages 5, 3 1/2, and 22 months) so don’t have all the time in world on my hands. Not to mention I still need to make an excavator costume for my 3 1/2 year old. Anyways! Once again thanks for posting this!

    Actually…I just came across question #1: tail. Isn’t it also made out of fleece? It looks like it. I don’t see the faux leather cap at the tip you’re talking about.

    • I actually pulled my hat out of the boys’ dress up bin but if I remember correctly, we bought it at Savers a few years back and I got the fur at a craft store. Hope that helps!

  8. Hey I LOVE this and am going to attempt it for my 6 year old son this Halloween. I am curious about the tail and how you made the scull looking thing on it? I saw that another commenter made one and had a very similar scull on the red part of the tail. Thanks for posting this!

  9. I really love your costume but this is my first time making a costume for my little boy and I was wondering if you still had the pattern. I did the wings already but the spikes and tail and lost! if you could email me that would be great!

  10. Thank you so much for this post. I wish I could post a pic of what you inspired me to take on. Since the NEW toothless has come out my son is all about the fact that he glows so yes I took on the challenge. I made double spikes down the back and made bigger wings and the best thing is he WILL glow on Halloween night, or any other time we go out in costume so thank you again for the great tutorial and idea of how to make it out of a suit.

  11. I’ve never made a Halloween costume before and I have a 12yo and a 5yo..but this was so cute and explained so well I had to try..needless to say my 5yo is ecstatic and has gotten a lot of props from the other kindergarteners..thank you..truly inspirational:)

  12. I was ‘googling’ costumes for “Toothless” since my soon-to-be 4 year old is currenty obsessed with these movies and has asked for a HTTYD birthday party. Thanks for this adorable post! All the costume places are out of stock since it’s past Halloween, and I think I can make this fairly easily over Christmas break for his party in mid-January. You have most likely saved our party! 😉 I found some fairly large black dragon/bat costume wings on Amazon and will just safety pin them or do a light stitch to the sweatsuit so we can re-use them, but this post has inspired me to make this for my little man. He’s very excited, thanks again!

  13. What is a good alternative fabric instead of fleece? This is so cute I’ll be making it for my 18 month old hopefully.

  14. Thank you so much for posting your sons costumes and links to the wing pattern. I made this Toothless costume for my 20 month old son and he liked it. Wish I could forward a photo here. It came out really nice.

  15. I’m in love with this idea. I’m a huge how to train your Dragon fan (I’m 16 years old btw) and I have wanted a toothless hoodie for so long but all the ones that they make for adults are too expensive. I’m obviously going to have to adjust the measurments a bit but I really can’t wait to try this.


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