Happy Birthday, Max Monster!

My little man turns one today and I was planning on writing this wonderful “Letter to My Child” kind of post full of sentimentality, mushiness and tears. Something that would touch on the absolute joy Max has brought into my life. Something that would mention his quick birth being just like his personality, eager to take on the world. Something that would put into words the difference the second trip on the Mommy Merry-Go-Round has been.

I definitely would have talked in length about how Jack (my first born) brought out places and feelings inside me I never knew existed. Max, however, showed me just how much I loved those places,feelings…how much I loved being a mother. Somehow the nervousness associated with the responsibility of raising a human being has been replaced with the peace of knowing these little human beings are actually raising me. It’s a journey and we’re all along for the ride. I wake up every single day, thankful that I have another chance to be a better mother than the day before. Sometimes I succeed and others…meh, not so much. My children may be learning shapes, colors and how to share but I’m learning patience, flexibility and how to truly love unconditionally.

Like I said, I was fully prepared to write a sweet little post about the day Max was born but then life happened and Jack had a whirlwind of a sensitive day and my inner calm was shaken just enough for that post to go out the window. So instead, you get this. One slightly frazzled mama writing about the ups and downs of motherhood. Emotionally exhausted from a trying day but still very aware that she just may be the luckiest girl in the world. So yes…Happy birthday, My Dearest Max Monster! May you always see the world with such joy and enthusiasm as you do now. You and your brother are my greatest joys.


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Vanessa Brady is a craft blogger, mother of two boys, and a hot sauce junkie. She's been running Tried & True for over 7 years and her tutorials have been featured in numerous craft books and publications.


  1. hey my wonderful daughter,

    I would love to have a print of this picture.

    Thank you for the JOY that your sons give me! I love you!!

  2. You captured the truth of the second child so perfectly for me. I’m sure that big Max will really appreciate this insight into his Mami one day. Happy Birthday (belated) to my little (2nd?) cousin! love, Clish

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