Fort Making Kit



(Shhh, Josh! No peeking!)

Here’s my version of a Fort Making Kit I found on Saltwater Kids. I made a few of them as end-of-the-year gifts and they seemed to be enjoyed. A wonderfully easy gift that I hope will bring hours of entertainment!  No need for any tutorial over here since the Saltwater Kids tutorial is so well done. Yay for great tutorials!


  1. says

    Vanessa, I LOVE the appliqued tent on the bag – Brilliant! I have two fort kits to finish next week, and I think I might have give that a try. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  2. Amber says

    So cute! My kids love making forts and frankly, I’m tired of all my blankets and couch cushions being used!

    Tell me about your version of the fort kit. It looks like you added some ties to the sheets. Is it along all of the edges or is it other places too? It seems like that might be helpful to keep it secure. Also, is that twine you have for the rope? Thanks for posting!

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