Plastic Easter Egg Bees

Plastic Easter Egg Bees - Easy craft to make!I’d like to say that I made these 100% just for my boys but quite honestly, I was as giddy as a schoolgirl while putting them together. Pastel colored bumblebees with big eyes and cute smiles?! The little girl in me was just dying.

It all started while I was walking down the Easter/Spring aisle of Target and I noticed that the plastic eggs had two holes on either side of the dimple on the end. Have those always been there? I love it when you find faces on random items. They were practically asking me to add a smile to them.

I’m going to apologize in advance for this post being rather picture heavy. I went a little crazy taking pictures of the bees. I once again blame the cuteness!

Spring Egg Bees

– plastic eggs (make sure they have holes at the end)
– black brads
– black wire
– black paint pen


eggbugs01sm1. First things first, when you buy your plastic eggs, you want to make sure they already have two holes punched into the ends. I guess you could make your own holes with a hot wire or wood burning tool but then who knows what nasty fumes you’d be breathing. Might as well make your life easier and get the ones with holes!

eggbugs02sm2. Using your black paint pen, mark happy little smiles halfway in between holes. Don’t they look cute already?!

3. Secure brad into each eye opening.

4. Cut an 18″ strip of wire. Wrap it around grooved edge of egg (same half as the face).

5. Twist a few times to secure in place.

6. Fold one loose end of the wire in on itself to make the wing shape. Secure the end by wrapping the end around the other wire. Repeat to other wing.

7. You could glue the whole thing together but I went the super easy way out and just used two small strips of transparent tape on either side. You can’t even see it, right?!

A few hints: If you’re going to be making more than one, I would suggest doing all of one step before continuing onto the next one. It’ll be more time efficient that way…and having a row of happy little eggs waiting to get their wings sure does make for a cute picture!

Depending on how long your kid sleeps, you can pretty much finish this craft during a nap. Max and Jack were out for a couple hours and I was able to make 17 of these. That’s including the ridiculous amount of pictures I had to take as well. Yay for crafts you can start and complete during a nap!

I tied a piece of thread to each of the egg bees and taped them up to the inside frame of our playroom window. I wish I had fishing wire so that it would really look like they were flying. Oh well. I had to hurry and just use what I had readily available since the light was fading fast. That’s why the two pictures above are not pretty. Funny how I never wished for more hours in the day before I had kids!


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    • I wouldn’t have either except they started putting those holes at the end. It totally looks like a face already!


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