DIY Floral Wall Sconces

Make these easy DIY Floral Wall Sconces with just a few supplies! Easy to customize and gift!There are aspects of all my projects that I love but for some reason, these Floral Wall Sconces I made for Crafts Unleashed were one of my favorites from last year. Maybe it’s because it was fun thinking of a different way to use wood pennant flags or because it was a good excuse to buy some fresh freesias. Either way, these sconces come together really easily and are absolutely perfect as May Day baskets for your neighbors and friends. Bring on Spring!

DIY Floral Wall Sconces

Step One. Use wire snips to cut a triangular piece of the chicken wire. Make sure it’s slightly larger than the pennant flag to account for depth and curve. I had to cut off a few rows from the top of mine but it’s better to have too much than too little!

DIY Floral Wall Sconces - MaterialsStep Two. Fold over the top portion of the chicken wire. Wouldn’t want to scratch anyone!

DIY Floral Wall Sconces - BendStep Three. Fold the ends of the wire to one of the pennant flags, apply a generous amount of glue to the back, and press the second pennant flag in place. Make sure that you’re catching all the wire ends and that the holes at the top of the flags are matching up.

DIY Floral Wall Sconces - GlueStep Four. Keep pressure on the flags with clothespins all around the edges. Allow to dry completely.

DIY Floral Wall Sconces - PinStep Five. Once glue has completely dried, press small pieces of the moss into the chicken wire until you’re happy with the coverage.

DIY Floral Wall Sconces - MossStep Six. Secure wire handle to the top of the flag to hang.

DIY Floral Wall Sconces - Add wireStep Seven. Add either fresh or fake flowers to complete your Spring Flower Sconces! If you’re using fresh flowers, you can either insert as small baggie to hold water or use those inexpensive stem water picks you can find in any floral department.

DIY Floral Wall Sconces - FlowersBring On Spring

I made this project over a year ago and I still think about how gorgeous the freesias smelled! I really should splurge on fresh flowers more often, they just add so much to a room. It really is the little things, right? Hope you all enjoyed this project and the coming warm weather!

DIY-Floral-Wall-Sconces-08smDIY Floral Wall Sconces - Hang




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