Day of the Dead Shrink Plastic Jewelry

Day of the Dead Shrink Plastic Jewelry - A Tried & True Project

Welcome to day two of Tried & True’s Dia de los Muertos Week! Hope you enjoy this quick Day of the Dead craft. This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience and to help with the maintenance of this site.

Are you ready for another fun Craft Lightning project?! I love participating in Craft Lightning because it really stretches the creative muscles to think of a project that only takes 15 minutes to make and plus, this one is all about fun, spooky crafts for Halloween. A quick craft that’s all about my favorite holiday? I’m so in.

Day of the Dead Shrink Plastic Jewelry

Free Calavera Printable
Shrink Plastic (white)
Black & Color Permanent Markers
Scissors (I really like my Honey Bee Non-Stick ones!)
(Optional) Pin Backs & Jewelry Glue


Day of the Dead Shrink Plastic Jewelry - Cut Out1. Use a black permanent marker and the free Calavera printable to trace the skull image onto the shrink plastic. You could also use a printable shrink plastic but I didn’t have any so I just traced.

Day of the Dead Shrink Plastic Jewelry - Color In2. Color in the designs. My four year old son/craft assistant decided to color his skull in with green which I was totally up for but inside was thinking to myself, “What a silly boy. Skulls are white. Oh well, he’ll learn.” Well, instead, what a silly mama! His came out looking like this amazing Day of the Dead/Zombie with dark green flesh. I seriously like his more than anything I could have ever dreamed up. Lesson learned…4 year olds are natural artists and I should definitely follow his lead!

Day of the Dead Shrink Plastic Jewelry - Attach Findings3. Follow the instructions found on packaging to shrink the plastic. For pin: Once the plastic is cool to touch, adhere a pin back with strong glue (I used Dazzle Tac) and allow to dry completely before handling. For bracelet: Either adhere the cut skull to a strip of shrink plastic that you’ve formed around a glass jar while still hot to create a bracelet or leave two 4″x3″ wings coming off either side of the skull before you cut out the plastic (check out the picture with the markers to see my wings.)

Day of the Dead Shrink Plastic Jewelry - BraceletDay of the Dead Shrink Plastic Jewelry - PinAnd that’s it! If you had all your supplies ready to go and you weren’t also juggling the needs of a preschooler as well, you just made your own Day of the Dead Shrink Plastic Jewelry in close to 15 minutes!

Day of the Dead Shrink Plastic Jewelry - Printable

(Click on picture above to download free Calavera Printable!)

Thank you to Country Chic Cottage and 30 Minute Crafts for hosting Craft Lightning. Stop by both blogs to check out tons of other fun crafts you can make in less than 15 minutes and don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for another fun Dia de los Muertos craft!!




  1. I haven’t used shrink plastic in years, but I’m sure I have some stashed away somewhere. Your project is so cute! It reminded me of high school Spanish classes and celebrating Dia de los Muertos with my classmates.

  2. I love your tutorial! I realized I had some Shrinky Dinks InkJet Plastic and made a set of earrings as a last minute addition to my halloween outfit. No fancy costume for me, just something comfy to take the little one out on her first Trick or Treating excursion. It was super fun and I got SO MANY compliments on my new earrings.
    Thanks Bunches!!


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