Where the Wild Things Are: Max’s Scepter

So, your kid wants to be Max from Where the Wild Things Are? Well, he definitely can’t be the King of All Wild Things without a scepter, right?!

My husband put together this scepter for my son’s costume last year and was nice enough to document his progress. Ah, the perks of being married to a craft blogger. 😉 I’m sorry about having to use the flash on the pictures but most of the work was done after the kids went down for the night. Not real good natural lighting at 8 in the evening!

Let me know if you have any questions. Jim drew out a diagram so that should help with the measurements but really, we just kinda winged this as we went. Hope your Max enjoys his scepter!

Where The Wild Things Are: Max’s Scepter

– 1/2″ PVC Pipe (14″, 2.5″)
– Styrofoam Circle (6″)
– (2) Styrofoam Cone (2.5″ tip)
– (2) Paper Mache Boxes (2.5″ diameter lid)
– (2) 1/2″ PVC Caps
– (2) 1/2″ PVC Connectors
– Yellow Play Ball
– Styrofoam Glue
– Grey Acrylic Paint
– Small Flashlight


1. Print off the Where the Wild Things Are: Max’s Scepter pdf.

2. Using a hacksaw, cut a 14″ and 2.5″ piece of the 1/2″ pvc pipe.

3. Draw and cut a 1/2″ circle from the top and bottom of the yellow play ball.

4. Cut 2.5″ off the tip of the cone and carve out bottom for end cap. Cut each sytrofoam circle in half and then cut the center out, large enough for the yellow play ball.

5. Glue pieces in place with styrofoam glue. Notice how everything is glued above the bottom pvc connector. This allows you access to the flashlight so that you can replace batteries.

6. Place flashlight into the pvc pipe. You might want to shove a extra piece of styrofoam in first and then securely wedge the light in place with some tape.

7. Cut the base of the paper mache box to fit perfectly inside the lid and glue shut. Repeat with second box. Cut 1/2″ circles through the centers and glue both in place.

8. You’re getting close! All you need to do now is tape off the yellow ball and paint the whole thing grey! Do not use spray paint on the styrofoam. It’ll eat away at it!

Once again, feel free to comment if you’re confused about any part of this tutorial. It’s kinda hard writing a tutorial to a project you didn’t create. If I don’t know the answer, I can always aks my husband.

And speaking of him, thanks, My Love, for humoring me a year ago and taking pictures of each step. I love you for supporting my blog habit! 😀




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