Where The Wild Things Are Costumes

Last Halloween, the boys were Max and Moishe from Where the Wild Things Are. I knew it was going to be the last year I could have any influence over what Jack was wanted to dress up as so, I’ll admit, I really pushed hard for WTWTA. Lemme tell you…that book was in serious Bedtime Story rotation. Luckily, by the end of the month, Jack “decided” he really wanted to be Max. ūüėČ

I adapted Max’s costume from bunny suit, I believe. It was a year ago so I can’t quite remember exactly what pattern I used. The only thing I changed was not gathering the legs and arms with elastic at the end. As for the fabric, I used a super soft fleece that I got at JoAnn’s. After the Ewok fiasco of the year before, I definitely wasn’t going to get anything that was too thick or scratchy.

I added three large buttons covered in the same fabric as the body just to the right of the zipper, a large faux fur tail and two pointy ears that I just kinda winged to get the shape. I had plans to make claws for his feet and hands but that didn’t work out. You gotta admit, the Chucks look pretty stinking cute and if I remember correctly, Max wore a pair in the movie too.

As for accessories, the crown is just gold foam with a faux fur border sewn to the bottom. No Max costume would be complete without a scepter, right? My husband, Jim, put it together. It’s awesome, right? It even has a small flashlight in it so that it glows at night. I’ll try to put a tutorial together in the next few days, just in case anyone is planning their own Wild Things costume this year.

Moishe’s costume wasn’t ridiculously difficult, just more involved. After sewing a yard of yellow and orange fleece strips together, I sewed an infant jacket from a pattern. I love how the stripes came out but in hindsight, would have either used an invisible zipper or put the zipper in the back. The pants were just grey infant sweats with Moishe’s scales drawn on with a Sharpie.

babywig3The wig and horns turned out to be my favorite parts of the costume! I had originally planed on making Max’s jacket a hoodie with Moishe’s face on the hood but time and lack of sleep caught up with me. Instead, in a moment of desperation, I pulled out Jack’s old Nacho Libre wig (tutorial) and quickly sewed on some horns…tada, Moishe. Babies + Wigs = Hilarity!

At the very last minute, I sewed on a pair of horns for me to wear on a headband and a skull cap out of faux fur for Jim so we could all be wild things. You want to know the greatest thing about these costumes (other than the fact that they’re based off one of the greatest children’s storybooks of all time, of course)? They were so stinkin’ warm we didn’t have to worry about bundling on more clothes for the cool October night. They were super comfortable and warm all night long.

Jack decided to sleep in his costume that night. I’ll never forget waking up, the next morning, to a sleepy eyed wild thing walking out of his room.

My Sweet Wild Things, I’ll eat you up I love you so.




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