Super Easy Halloween Favor Bags

You’ve got to love brown paper lunch sacks, patron saint of all procrastinating party planners! Here’s a super easy Halloween favor bag idea that can be whipped together at the last minute. And really?! Considering that the kids are going to just rip the bags apart to get at the candy, (or Halloween pretzels, in our case. I know, I know, lame.) do you really want to put a whole lot of time into them?

Super Easy Halloween Favor Bags

– brown paper lunch sacks
– hot glue gun and glue
– paper bowls
– black paint
– foam brush
– black clip-on spider
– white paper (optional)


1. Use glue gun to make a spiderweb on the back of the paper bowl. (Hint: try to keep the line thickness as even as possible. This will help the image come out clearer.)

2. Spread a liberal amount of paint onto stamp, making sure to cover completely.

3. Press down onto paper bag, rubbing all areas of the stamp to make sure paint transfers.

4. Cut out little .5″x2″ rectangles, write out message and punch a hole at the end.

5. Fill paper sack with your goodies, fold top over twice and punch hole about an inch down. Place spider and paper in place. Now, quick! Finish the rest of your favors because if you’re like me, you have a million other things to do before your guests arrive! ūüėÄ


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