“Some Bunny Loves You” Door Hanger

Perfect for little treats! : "Some Bunny Loves You" Door Hanger for Easter/Spring | A Tried & True Project
I just love this time of year! Everything starts coming back to life (at least in Texas!), sandals and flats are slowly added to the rotation and the days are long enough to actually play outside after dinner. Before you know it, we’ll be talking about entire days spent at the pool followed by family movie nights under the stars. Until then, let’s focus on Spring a little bit longer! 😉

Easter Door Hanger - With or without sign
Whether you celebrate Easter, Spring Equinox, or Holi, the one thing that is certain…kids love having surprises left on their doorknobs! For the little ones in your life, you can fill the basket with candy or a plastic egg. Older kids would probably love to get gift cards or jewelry (I know I would!)

Hope you enjoy!

“Some Bunny Loves You” Door Hanger

– Free “Some Bunny Loves You” Printable (Studio, PDF)
Textured Card Stock (white, pink, brown)
Decorative Paper Treat Cups
Martha Stewart Fine Tip Glue Pen
Silhouette Cameo 0r Scissors

Use different papers with Silhouette for Easter or Spring
1. Download the “Some Bunny Loves You” Free Printable Studio file if you have a Silhouette or PDF file if you’ll be cutting by hand. If using a Silhouette, layout your papers as shown above with the white paper trimmed back to 7″. Set the machine to the correct settings and proceed to cut shapes. If using scissors, just carefully cut out each of the shapes and proceed to step 4. Super easy either way!

Use a fine point glue pen for small parts of door hanger
2. Use the fine tipped glue pen to assemble the feet. You’ll be glad the pen tip is so fine when you see how small the pads are!

Assemble the bunny face
3. Draw the face in and adhere the nose and ears.

Use paper treat cup to catch the Easter goodies
4. Staple the basket to the body.

Attach arms to cup with fine glue pen
5. Apply glue to hands and press in place.

Assemble and attach feet
6. Add feet.

Easter Door Hanger - Sign
7. Glue sign sign together and attach to a toothpick with a piece of tape.

Easter Door Hanger
8. Wait until all the glue has dried completely and then fill with your desired treat!

Easter Door Hanger - Fill with treats!



  1. Shut the door…this has got to be one of the Sweetest Door hangers I ever have seen! OMG- pinned and I am loving this!

  2. this is super cute and i love the patterns you chose! I love silhouette projects!!!

  3. It’s lovely! I’d like to do to visit my nephew, can you send me the pdf? Thank you very much!


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