Love Song Bleached Scarf Tutorial

Love Song Bleached Scarf Tutorial - An easy way to add wording or images to a scarf! #scarf #diyfashionYay, it’s the first day of Scarf Week and I’m here to share my Love Song Bleached Scarf tutorial!

Have you guys witnessed the magic that is a Clorox Bleach Pen?! I know people have been using it to customize clothes for years but for some reason, I’m just now getting around to playing with it and I’M. IN. LOVE! I’m sure it’s great at getting rid of stains or grout mildew but it does an absolutely amazing job during this scarf tutorial.

Seriously. I had so much fun with this project, I want to bleach everything in my house now. More scarves, t-shirts, jeans, underwear…nothing is safe. By the way, this is not a sponsored post, I’m just sorta in love with this thing!

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You only need two supplies other than the scarf for this tutorial but both of them are absolutely essential, a Clorox Bleach Pen and Freezer Paper. You’ll iron the freezer paper to the back of the scarf to help stabilize the thin scarf material as you write but it also protects your surface from any bleach that might soak through.

If I had an essential craft supply list (why don’t I?!), Freezer Paper would totally be on it. It can make stencils, protect surfaces, be colored on…oh and I guess you can use it to store food in the freezer too. Gotta love it!

Love Song Bleached Scarf Tutorial - Bleach PenThis project is so easy, the hardest part might be choosing what to write. I went with the song my husband and I danced during our wedding, “I’ve Got The World On a String.” I had a little bit of extra room at the end so I also added our wedding date. Totally helpful just in case I forget my anniversary!

Love Song Bleached Scarf Tutorial - WriteDon’t worry too much about perfect penmanship or accidental bleach marks (you can see some of my splatters above!), most of the time the scarf is going to be bundled and wrapped around your neck. Nobody will even notice if you make a mistake! After all the words have been written, let the bleach sit for 5-10 minutes (I waited 7 minutes), depending on the material and desired look.

Love Song Bleached Scarf Tutorial - perfectly soft still!When you’re ready, carefully pick up the scarf (don’t worry about the gel dripping, it’s really thick) and run it under a cold shower. Make sure you remove all of the bleach and the paper backing. Allow all the water to drain before filling the tub slightly and adding a 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide or vinegar to stop the bleaching process. Allow the scarf to sit for a few minutes. You can, of course, skip this step but there is a possibility the bleach will continue to work and eat through your material. Your call!

Love Song Bleached Scarf Tutorial - Ready to go!And done. The whole process took a little more than 30 minutes and now I’ve got a beautiful scarf that will always remind me of a special day. Hope you enjoyed this Love Song Bleached Scarf Tutorial. As always, please feel free to share pictures of your finished Tried & True projects with me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Seeing your crafts totally makes my day!

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  1. Oh! I love that you went with a song that means something to you – that makes it all to more special! I bought a bleach pen and some black fabric items I just happened to find around the store but I haven’t really had the courage to play with them. I’m definitely going to tackle it after seeing how fab your scarf turned out! Can’t wait to see what you share tomorrow!

  2. Vanessa, this is SUCH a beautiful scarf!!! I love that freezer paper is on your essential craft list, I love that you used lyrics from your wedding song and I love that you intentionally only wrote the lyrics on one part of the scarf, and not the whole thing. Can you tell I love this scarf?

  3. Aw…what a fun song to dance to! And I love that its commemorated now with this super cool scarf. And thanks for the bleach pen inspiration. I actually have a bleach t-shirt project in mind that I might tackle later this week…actually “might” turned to “will definitely” after seeing this post. Thanks, girl!

  4. Oh it’s lovely! Great way to remember your anniversary too! I have had mixed results with the bleach pen thing, but what to have another go. My mistake was trying a cheaper brand of pen first, I think you are right, the Chlorox one is the best. (and they don;t pay me to say that either!)

  5. Oh, this scarf looks amazing! I love all kinds of written things and typography and you have a really beautiful handwriting! And to choose such a special song? Makes it even more awesome!

    Love, Midsommarflicka

  6. What was your scarf made of? I’m trying to do this with a Pashmina (85% wool and 15% silk) but I’ve seen you had to use cotton blends in order for it to work so I just wondered if you used a cotton blend or something else.


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