Little People First Birthday Party

Little People Birthday Party from Tried & True Blog My sister (who just recently moved here from Houston, yay!) had the absolute cutest birthday party for my nephew, Miles, a couple weekends ago. The theme was based off the Fisher Price Little People that, if you grew up in the 80’s, we all know and love so much! A Little People First Birthday Party?! How amazing is that? littlepeople01sm littlepeople02sm littlepeople07sm littlepeople06sm I helped her a bit with some of the computer stuff since she had just moved into a new house barely 3 days before the party. The ideas were all hers, I was just the work hands behind them! (What are sisters for?) I’ll be uploading the pennant flags, wish cards, t-shirt iron on, and the cupcake toppers as Tried & True Free Printables tomorrow. Uploaded them! littlepeople03sm littlepeople04sm The favors she made were crazy cute too. Wood balls with a Little Person face burned on for the babies and a chalkboard slate with a blank Little Person form for the older kids. The Hello stamp was custom carved out of a stamp pad and added a little rustic charm to everything. Word to the wise, be careful when using the sharp stamp cutting tools! littlepeople05sm littlepeople08sm The super healthy cake recipe was a carrot cake from Super Baby Food. Adriana had the great idea of using a store bought sugar sheet to make the face. Such an easy idea that worked perfectly!

littlepeople09sm A Little People First Birthday Party to celebrate one of my favorite little people! Happy birthday, Miles!



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