Girard Floor Cushion


I’ve had this floor cushion on my mind for quite a while now, ever since I found this amazing thrifted children’s bedspread at least 4 years ago. The imagery was so simple and modern, how could I not want to recreate it?!

Well, as most of you can relate, the idea for a floor cushion kept being pushed further and further down on a ridiculously long mental list of craft projects to start. Four years pass and then one day, a few months ago, I pulled out the bedspread to make purses with (and before you gasp at me cutting up the bedspread, realize that it wasn’t doing the world any good folded up in my fabric drawer for almost five years!) and suddenly I remembered that, not only, did I want to make cushions but that I also needed a project to submit for So You Think You’re Crafty.

So, for the next month, I’ll be participating in the 4th season of SYTYC! So excited. I don’t know how far I’ll get (the competition is fierce and uber crafty) but for each project we have to submit, I’ll be posting my tutorial the following week. First one up…

Girard-Inspired Floor Cushion

– cream duck cloth (or any other thick fabric)
– interfacing
– assorted felt (feel free to change up the colors)
– black embroidery floss
– piping (optional)
– fluff (bought or recycled)
– sewing supplies


1. Decide on the size of cushion you would like and find a circle that is large enough to use as a template. Cut two circles from the duck cloth and interfacing. My cushion is about 18″ wide and I used a large mixing bowl for the template. I’d love to make another one using a hula hoop as the template!

2. Using a tape ruler, measure the circumference around the template. Cut a rectangular strip from the duck cloth and interfacing the length of the circumference¬† by 4 in (circumference x 4″). You can adjust the 4″ measurement if you want your cushion to be thicker.



3. Cut “sun rays” from yellow felt freehand with a pair of sharp scissors and sew on top of cut edge piece (duck and interfacing). I had to cut four panels of rays and sew them together. Sew ends together.



4. Using a disappearing pencil, draw the face. Don’t worry about making the face look exactly like mine. The imperfections of one drawing to the next are what make Girard so wonderful! Cut circles from felt and sew in place (duck and interfacing). My templates for the circles were drinking glasses for the chins and a shot glass for the chin. The mouth I just kinda winged.


5. Hand embroider the rest of the face, making sure to go through the fabric and interfacing.


6. Generously pin and sew the edge to the front of the cushion (if you’re adding piping, sew that first around the edge of the front). If you’re like me and find you have miscalculated the length of the side a bit, go ahead and pinch in the excess fabric, sew a new seam and cut off the stuff you don’t need. Just try to make it as symmetrical as possible or else the back side of the pillow won’t fit.


7. Pin the back side of the pillow (fabric and interfacing) to the side and sew, remembering to leave an opening for filling. Turn right side out, fill with fluff and handstitch opening close.


Tada! You have now finished a Girard-Inspired Floor Cushion, perfect for the cutest little bum in the world!


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Vanessa Brady is a craft blogger, mother of two boys, and a hot sauce junkie. She's been running Tried & True for over 7 years and her tutorials have been featured in numerous craft books and publications.


  1. I love this. As soon as I saw it on SYTYC (did I get all those letters in there?) I wanted one. Love it. Anyway, I’ve been waiting to find out who made it so I could tell you how awesome I think it is.
    the end.


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