Felt Dehlia

This is my new favorite “Happy Birthday”, “Happy Mother’s Day”, “Happy Just Because Day” gift to make! The wonderful Megan Reardon, of Not Martha fame, wrote up a great tutorial last year for Holidash and while I thought the flower pin was beautiful, I’ve got to admit I was a bit worried about the time factor.

Not to worry, my fellow nap-time crafters! Since you’re gluing, the petals came together remarkably quickly and even though I decided to sew the petals to the back with my sewing machine, the whole project came together in about an hour. Which left a whole two hours for this exhausted pregnant lady to catch a few zzz’s!

So, whether it’s a “Happy Your Toddler Pooped on the Toilet Day” or “Happy You Did Not Kill Your Two Year Old Day”, I highly suggest you pop on over to check out a great tutorial for a great gift.

Here’s an extremely poorly taken picture in a very dirty mirror of the size of the pin, just in case you’re interested.


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