Dyed Rice

I’m still recovering from the exhaustion of helping plan a shower for my little sister (tutorials and free prints for a Little Golden Book themed shower coming soon!) so here’s another super easy project you can do with the kiddos! I’m afraid I don’t have pictures to guide you step by step but it really is so super easy, I promise you won’t even miss them.

I had two ancient bags of rice that I used to make my sensory box (sushi and basmati). I’ve got to say that I liked the puffier and whiter sushi rice better than the basmati but really, once you pour them in the box together, it kinda doesn’t matter.

Dyed Rice
– white rice
– rubbing alcohol
– food coloring
– large plastic bag (freezer bag)
– parchment paper

1. Fill plastic bag with desired amount of rice.
2. Add approx. 1 tbsp of alcohol over rice, close bag and shake to disperse.
3. Sprinkle food coloring in bag (I used about 12 drops but I wanted my colors to be bold) and disperse.
4. Lay out parchment paper (preferably in the sun) and evenly spread rice.
5. Allow to dry in the sun (maybe 10 minutes? How’s that for a fast craft?!).
6. Combine all colors in a large plastic bin, throw in a few pouring containers and make yourself a cup of tea because your kid will be so entertained you’ll have a least 10 minutes all to yourself!


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  1. Oh wow, looks great! I’ve done this with great results with pasta — never thought to with rice, however! So you didn’t soak it for very long — just poured it, mixed it, then laid it out to dry? With my pasta I had to let it sit for quite awhile. I’ll have to try this soon, thank you!

  2. Love this idea of the colored rice …question: once colored, what can you do with the rice (as in creative ideas)? Thank you!!


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