Dia De Los Muertos Free Printables

Here’s a super quick and easy project to entertain kiddos and celebrate Dia de los Muertos. You can just print off the Calavera Printable (Heart & Flower) and have them color it or slide it into a menu holder (I love restaurant supply stores!) for days of coloring fun.

There are two different designs, one with a flower on the forehead and one with a heart. If you cut out the skull and eyes, add a stick/straw/plastic spoon to the bottom, you’ve got an easy mask!

They’re so much fun to color, you may just put them down for a nap and color one yourself! Hope you and your family enjoy these Dia de los Muertos free printables!

{Print the Dia de los Muertos Heart Calavera}

{Print the Dia de los Muertos Flower Calavera}




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