Design-A-Robot Christmas Stocking Stuffer

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Of all the kids projects I made last year, the Design-A-Robot Christmas Stocking Stuffer (originally made for Crafts Unleashed) was my son’s favorite! Seriously. My four year old almost couldn’t wait to get his hands on it and snatched it up as soon as I was finished taking pictures of it for the tutorial. I kept it in my diaper bag to entertain the kids at restaurants and doctor appointments and it totally worked like a charm. Hope your kid enjoys it as much as mine did!

Use your Silhouette to make a last-minute Robot Tin Stocking Stuffer!Of course, a Silhouette Cutting Machine makes this ridiculously easy but I made sure to keep the shapes basic enough for you to cut them out by hand if you don’t have a Silhouette. (Crossing my fingers Santa hooks you up!) It may take a little bit longer but the moment of peace you’ll have later in the waiting room while your child is briefly entertain will be totally worth it!

Design-A-Robot Stocking Stuffer Tin

Silhouette Printable Magnet Paper
Tin Box
Silhouette Cameo or Hobby Knife
– Design-A-Robot Free Printable (PDF / STUDIO)


Step One. Print out the Design-A-Robot Free Printable on Printable Magnet Paper. Use the STUDIO file (with Reg Marks) for Silhouette Cameo and the PDF file if you’re cutting by hand.

Robot Tin Stocking Stuffer - PrintStep Two. Cut out robot body parts. If you’re using a hobby knife, go slowly and watch your fingers! Silhouette Cameo users, set your machine to the Printable Magnet Paper settings. Print first and then cut out. Don’t forget to make sure the registration marks are there!Robot Tin Stocking Stuffer - RemoveStep Three. You’re all done! So easy, right? Put all the robot pieces in a tin box and you’re good to go.

Robot Tin Stocking Stuffer - PlayYou can decorate the front of the tin as well if you have some extra time or just leave it plain. I promise, your kid is going to love this either way!

Robot Tin Stocking Stuffer - Decorate Robot Tin Stocking Stuffer - Place




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