Crochet Trim Pillowcase

I’m terribly impatient when it comes to crocheting and knitting. Ask my friend, Eliza, I’m still working on the wool diaper cover she was helping me with almost two years ago. That’s probably why I like sewing so much. Most of my sewing projects can be finished in just one evening.

Anyway, as much as I think I will never be really into the fiber arts, some crochet and knit projects are just too adorable not to try! That’s where this crochet trimmed pillowcase came into the picture. I love how the simple crocheted trim adds such a sweet and personal touch to an otherwise boring pillowcase.

I found the trimmed pillowcase tutorial over at You Go Girl! absolutely wonderful to follow. Seriously, I’ve never completed a single crochet project and with the help of a few youtube videos, was able to easily follow this tutorial. It took me a couple two hour nights while watching a movie to finish this but that was also with me learning how to really crochet for the first time.

So what are you waiting for…go raid your linen closet for pillowcases you can revamp with a crocheted trim!


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Vanessa Brady is a craft blogger, mother of two boys, and a hot sauce junkie. She's been running Tried & True for over 7 years and her tutorials have been featured in numerous craft books and publications.


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