Chalkboard Summer Fun List

I’m a big fan of lists. It’s really the only way I ever get things done…ok, who am I kidding? I’ve got a new baby and a two year old…”it’s really the only way I ever get some things done.”

Saw the idea for a Summer Fun List making the rounds over at Pinterest and decided that it was the perfect excuse to buy some chalkboard contact paper! Using a liquid chalk marker helped me make the list nice and clean (important since it’s very visible in our living room).We’ve got quite a few more things we have to cross off our summer list but we sure are having fun doing it!

After our summer list has come and gone, I’m hoping to use the chalkboard space to write important messages like “Don’t forget to buy ice cream” or “At urgent care taking a marble out of Jack’s nose.”

Ice cream and marbles…this is my wonderful life. :)



  1. […] Our summer bucket list went so well (update soon) that I thought it would be a good idea to try a Halloween version. This time, instead of writing it on our door chalkboard, I wrote out each activity on a black rat silhouette (found at Dollar Tree) with a white chalk marker. The idea is that every time you complete one of the activities, you get to stick the rat to the wall and eventually you’ll have an entire army of activity rats marching their way to Halloween. […]

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