All Star Father’s Day Travel Pouch

Looking to make a Father’s Day gift that will be useful and loved at the same time? How about a travel pouch, perfect for storing small toiletries on the go?! Throw in a old fashioned shaving soap and bristle brush and you’re sure to make the hardest person to shop for smile.

Be ready to devote a bit a time to sewing around all those laces. It takes forever but the end product really looks great. Your guy is worth it! ūüôā

All Star Father’s Day Travel Pouch

– black vinyl
– thin, non-fraying white fabric (I used an old piece of a block out curtain)
– 9″ black zipper
– basic sewing supplies


1. Using an x-acto knife and a whole lot of patience, cut out all the black parts of the stencil (download stencil). Make sure to keep the white star and white sole line.

2. Using your stencil page as a guide, cut out a 8.5″x11″ piece of black vinyl. Use a pencil to transfer stencil to vinyl.

3. Using that endless well of patience again, use an x-acto knife to cut out stencil from black vinyl. Don’t forget about the black star and sole stripe!

4. Cut a piece of your white material large enough to cover the shoe cutout. Tape in place.

5. Sew around all the cutouts. (Is your patience exhausted yet?!)

6. Cut out the white portion of the stencil and use it to outline the outer edge of the shoe with a pencil.

7. Sew around shoe edge, taking care to start and stop in between each lace. (“Patience” is starting to sound like a four-letter word, huh?) Sew on the black star and sole line as well.

8. Use a pencil to freehand draw where the white stitching should be (right under the laces). If you look closely, you can see where I drew mine in the picture above. (You could also omit this part if you’d like)

9. Switch to white thread and sew in the white stitching.

10. Fold the vinyl in half and mark a .75″x.5′ square. Cut out. (I forgot to account for the seam in the picture above and only cut a .5x.5!)

11. With right sides facing, sew the zipper to the tops of the pouch.

12. Fold seam under and secure in place with stitching.

13. Sew along the side, taking care when you go over the zipper. (Make sure you zipper is open before you sew!!!!) Trim off the white fabric from around your shoe.

14. Pinch the corners and sew across.

15. Here’s what your pouch will look like from the inside. If you want to, you could always line the pouch (there are tons of tutorials on Pinterest!)

16. Whew! Your All Star Father’s Day Travel Pouch is done. I’m sure he’s going to love it!

I also made a “For Our All Star Father” card to accompany the travel pouch. I’ll be releasing it as a Facebook Exclusive print later today! edit: here’s the free pdf “For Our All Star Father” card!




  1. […] Vanessa from Tried and True shows how to make her All Star Father’s Day Travel Pouch.¬† The zippered pouch is made from¬†vinyl, with a reverse appliqued high top sneaker.¬† My¬†inner 90s grunge girl is totally geeking out on this!¬† She shows it as a dad’s day gift, but there’s also nothing wrong with making one for yourself.¬† If you do make one for dad, be sure to¬†grab her free printable card that¬†says, “For Our All Star Father”.¬† Get the tutorial at¬†Tried and True. […]

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