A Tried & True Video: Peep Wreath

A Tried & True Video: Peep Wreath

Eeks, I’m ridiculously nervous but super excited to release my first Tried & True video tutorial on how to make a Peep Wreath! If you watch the video you’ll see that I’m still learning the ropes (Uh, totally used the wrong camera on my phone!) but things can only get better from here on out, right?

You can also use my picture-by-picture tutorial on making a Peep Wreath. Just in case that’s more your thing. 😉

A Tried & True Video: Peep Wreath

If you’re curious about the “Happy Spring” banner I mention in the video, jump over to Crafts Unleashed to check out my 15 Minute Reversible Banner Tutorial!

Please please please leave a comment if you have any suggestions or ideas on how I could improve the videos in the future!

So here you are, hope you enjoy!


  1. I did my first video not too long ago and was super nervous! way to go!!!

  2. This was great! Such a creative wreath idea…and I LOVED seeing you on video. Such a great way to get to know you better (I’m trying to think about when to do my first “vlog” or video tutorial…and WHAT to do it on). Thanks for the inspiration, Vanessa!


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