Gingerbread House Homemade Clay Ornament hanging from tree.
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Gingerbread House Homemade Clay Ornament

Use supplies from Sculpey to make this easy and adorable gingerbread house ornament!
Prep Time0 mins
Cook Time1 hr
Total Time1 hr
Servings: 1 ornament
Author: Vanessa Brady
Cost: $8




  • Let's talk a bit about the supplies. I added the tools I used for this project to the supply list but you can always just use what you have around the house. The only absolute essentials are the clay products, hot glue, and the cookie cutter.
    Supplies need to make a Homemade Gingerbread House Clay Ornament
  • Roll out the gold Sculpey until about ¼" thick. Use the cookie cutter to cut out the house shapes.
    Use gingerbread house cookie cutter to cut clay.
  • Using various techniques, create the embellishments for the gingerbread house. This is where you really can have tons of fun! I made a red and white cane and then sliced off small discs for peppermint candies. The candy canes were made with the clay extruder and then rolled together in the correct shape.
    Handmade peppermint embellishments.
  • Use the Liquid Sculpey to adhere all the embellishments to the gingerbread house sides.
    Use Liquid Sculpey as glue.
  • If you want to add shingles like I did, use a toothpick or a sharp tool dipped in Liquid Sculpey. The bottle comes with an applicator tip but it was a bit too thick for me. Don't worry about the small embellishments not adhering well. The Liquid Sculpey is the perfect glue!
    Finished house parts with embellishments.
  • Follow the package instructions to bake all the pieces. Allow to cool completely and then assemble with the white hot glue.
    Use white hot glue to assemble parts.
  • Add a bit of additional white hot glue to the edges to mimic the look of dripping frosting.
    More white hot glue being dripped off roof.
  • Make sure to remember to insert a small screw hook on the top of the ornament while the hot glue is still warm. Add a ribbon to the hook, hang on your tree, and enjoy the season!
    Finished Gingerbread House Ornament