XL Ruler Planter

This XL Ruler Planter tutorial is sponsored by DecoArt. All ideas and options are my own!

I’m a big fan of whimsical decorations and this XL Ruler Planter totally fits the bill! Who wouldn’t love to have a huge ruler to hang pretty plants in their back yard? I loved using a variety of DecoArt products to make this project, you can always rely on their Chalky Finish paints for a smooth finish that’s quick to dry. So important when you’re quite the impatient crafter like me!

Make this XL Ruler Planter, the perfect decoration for your yard! You can even keep track of your kids' heights to enjoy for years to come!I made my XL Ruler Planter to follow increments of 1 foot so that I could use it also as a height chart for my two boys. We’ve been marking their heights on their closet door jam but I thought it would be nice to document it on this ruler as well. I know that seeing the penciled in lines will make me smile as I work in the garden in the many years to come!

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XL Ruler Planter


Step One. Measure and mark all the lines you’re planning on painting. Since I was going by feet, I marked off 12 lines at every inch, making the 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 lines a bit bigger like they look on a standard ruler.

XL Ruler Planter - MeasureStep Two. Begin applying the paint to all the pencil marking with a paint dauber and stencil. I used the same width line for all the markings and just changed up the length. So easy to get great looking lines!

XL Ruler Planter - LinesStep Three. Once the measurement lines are completed and have dried to the touch (which, thanks to DecoArt, is remarkably fast!), repeat the process with the number stencils. Allow everything to dry completely again.

XL Ruler Planter - NumberStep Four. Once the paint is completely dry, apply a few layers of Ultra-Matte Varnish to the entire ruler. This will help protect your awesome piece of art from the wear and tear of being outdoors. I love the matte look but they also have a Light Satin Varnish if that’s more your style.

XL Ruler Planter - VarnishStep Five. Lastly, attach three terra cotta hangers and flower pots equally spaced apart (easy to measure with your large ruler markings!)

XL Ruler Planter - AttachStep Six. Lean up against a secure wall in your garden (or affix in place), add some pretty flowers, and enjoy for many years to come!

XL Ruler Planter - FlowersMemory Keeper

As I mention above, I’m planning on marking my boys’ heights every year on this XL Ruler Planter. I’ll probably just pencil the measurements in and apply a couple layers of varnish every time to protect them. I can’t imagine that one day I’ll have lines all the way up to the top!

XL Ruler Planter - DecorHope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! Visit the DecoArt Chalky Finish website for more chalk paint ideas and inspiration. Also, don’t forget to enter the “Second Chances” Americana Decor contest for a chance to win some absolutely amazing prizes!

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  1. I love this, Vanessa! It really looks like a giant school ruler. Great use of the chalky paint!!

  2. What a great idea! I love those extra large rulers but I never thought of making it into a planter.

  3. The ruler is so cute, but I want to know where you got the bike???? Is that handmade? I would love to know!

  4. Vanessa, this is such a cute project! I think I see a giant ruler for our garden in my future! I sell those terracotta pot holders on our blog. If you ever need some more, just let me know!


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