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If you’ve got a creative blog and are trying to balance that with life in general, then I know you’re going to be all over the free Creative Blogger Planner from Beckie over at Infarrantly Creative. It seriously is going to help me be more structured with my blog entries, organize all the future projects I have floating in my head and work through the insane amount of “To Do” lists I have…and on top of all of that, it’s going to clean my bathroom as well!

Hah, ok, so it’s not going to do any of the housework for me but it just might clear up some time for me to think about cleaning. (Notice how I said “think.”)

So, what’s so great about this planner? It’s totally for bloggers! On the weekly pages, there are sections to plan out three different projects per week, a “To Do” list column, future ideas and weekly statistics. Awesome, right? Adding a file folder so that when the planner is open flat you can see both the weekly sheets and the monthly calendar? Brilliant. Just brilliant.

I had mine assembled at the local Office Depot (just like Beckie suggested) and was surprised by how reasonable everything was. It would have come out to about $12.00 if I didn’t have to buy the decorative chipboard and file folder. As it was, I was able to find a tax organizer notebook on sale for $4.00 and used the front and back covers for my planner. The file folders were about 4 bucks as well. The whole planner came together for the bargain price of $21.00!

The only issue I had with putting the planner together was figuring out how I should rework it to accommodate a right-handed user. Once I figured out that the file folder would have to be switched to the front so that used weekly pages could be folded inside it, the rest was a breeze. I also had to cut the calendar pad pretty close to the lines so that it would fit on the newly folded file folder. I like the way that looks though. I couldn’t believe the notepad only cost something like five cents to make. I’m so going to think about other crafts I can make with customizable notepads.

So there you go. What are you waiting for? Run over to Infarrantly Creative to download Beckie’s super generous Blog Planner! I’m hoping it’ll help organize all the crazy ideas I have running through my head for Maxwell’s Busytown Birthday Party. *fingers crossed*


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  1. Yah it looks awesome. I know I have gotten quite the traffic from it but this is the first i have seen someone put it to use. I am so glad you love it. Happy organizing to you. I really appreciate the shout out too.

  2. This is such a great idea!!!
    i dont have a binder close enough that i can you but i did a little customization and make it using a regular ring binder file.
    its not as beautiful at yours yet but i’m working on it. i you it for my lesson plans and will soon start one for a future blog

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