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Sheesh, it’s getting harder and harder to capture good pictures of Jackson. This kid doesn’t sit still. Ever. Had to eventually bribe him with “Mama’s Forbidden Music Machine”. Can you see the look of victory in his eyes in that second picture? Ah, the things I do for this blog.

After pulling out one of Jim’s old sweaters that doesn’t fit anymore for the Ice Pack Cover Tutorial, I figured I might as well use up the rest of it. I’m not sure what to do with the main body of the sweater but the arms got transformed into pants for Jackson. They were super easy to make and took maybe 20 minutes to complete from cutting to the final stitch. It helped that Jim’s old sweater was tightly knit so I didn’t have to worry about hemming the pant legs.

As for online tutorials for making kids sweater pants, there are a million. Google it, you’ll see. I kinda followed one from Green Kitchen except I just used a pair of pants that fit him decent as a template, folded them in half and cut around the edge of them (instead of ruining them). I also wanted the pant legs to be wide so I made sure to cut off the bottom portion of the sleeve.

The resulting pant are super cute, I think, and I somehow managed to get the stripes to line up further adding to the cuteness! Wonderful pants to wear when we’re just hanging out around the house. These look so comfortable, I wish I could find a sweater large enough to make me a pair. Maybe Hagrid has some old sweaters he wouldn’t mind me cutting up?


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