Shredding Cheese…Exciting!

Creativity over here in T&T land is kinda a funny thing. Sometimes it’s all about fun and frivolous crafts (It’s almost Peep Wreath time again!) and sometimes we’re all about practicality over here. Remember how I mentioned that I wanted to freeze my own shredded cheese for the Super Quick Homemade Mac and Cheese? Since the attachment pack for my KitchenAid included a grater, I really didn’t have any more excuses and so I picked up a large block of sharp cheddar at Costco to shred and freeze.

I had to first cut the cheese (hah, last fart joke, I promise!) into small blocks that would fit into the processor.

I’ve got to admit…watching the cheese come out of the grater was immensely gratifying.  There was something therapeutic about it.

You have to lay the cheese out flat and in one layer so that it doesn’t freeze as one big block. I used three covered baking sheets, stacked on top of each other in the freezer.

Once the cheese had frozen completely (overnight), I used my hands to crumble it up and measure. I decided to store my shredded cheese in 2 cup portions since that’s the amount I need for the Super Quick Homemade Mac and Cheese.

I used Ziploc bags with that suction thingy to store the cheese in. I have a FoodSaver (which I love!) as well but I wanted the option to open and close the bags at will. I know FoodSaver makes an attachment part for their re-closeable bags but I’ve heard mix reviews on it and the Ziploc option was super quick and easy.

Tada! A one pound block of cheddar cheese made three 2 cup bags and one large gallon bag.

The frugality of shredding your own cheese is obvious but perhaps the best reason to do so…choices! You want awesome shredded Gruyère? There you go. Want to make sure your kids are eating Mac and Cheese from happy, non-antibiotic or hormone treated cows? No problem. All the convenience of preshredded cheese with non of the worries.

No more having to worry about random things like wood pulp in your cheese!

And of course, what’s a food post without your obligatory “Cute Baby Eating” picture. Max sure does love hummus! 🙂


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