Shape Sticks Stocking Stuffer

Spend enough time on Pinterest and you’re sure to see tons of pins where people stick velcro dots on the end of jumbo craft sticks so that kids can make shapes and such. I’ve been wanting to make these for a while now and it just so happens that I’m also on the hunt for good stocking stuffers. Bingo, two birds with one stone!

Shape Sticks - Stocking Stuffer from Tried & True
This is such a quick and easy project I almost hate to write a full tutorial for it! Depending on the amount of sticks you want to make, you could seriously finish this in 10 minutes. Perfect for those last minute “Oh Crap, We Forgot The Stockings!” moment!

Shape Sticks - Stocking Stuffer from Tried & True
I’m uploading the free Label Printable as well as the Activity Sheet Printable. Feel free to download them and use them for your own personal pleasure (no commercial use, please). If you laminate the activity sheets, kids can also use a dry erase marker to write out the words. These also make a great addition to your bag to keep the kids busy during your fancy holiday dinner!

Shape Sticks

Jumbo Craft Sticks
5/8 inch round hook & loop stickers
– Muslin Bag
– Activity Sheet Free Printable (01, 02, 03, 04)
5×7 Laminating Pocket (no heat necessary)
Label Free Printable


Shape Sticks - Stocking Stuffer from Tried & True
1. Stick a hook sticker and a loop sticker to each side of the jumbo craft sticker for a total of four stickers per stick.

Shape Sticks - Stocking Stuffer from Tried & True
2. Print, cut and laminate each of the 5×7 activity sheets.

Shape Sticks - Stocking Stuffer from Tried & True
3. Print and cut out the Free Label Printable.

Shape Sticks - Stocking Stuffer from Tried & True
4. Put all the Shape Sticks and activity sheets in the muslin bag and attach the label. Done!

Shape Sticks - Stocking Stuffer from Tried & True

5. Perfect stocking stuffer…and no batteries needed!Shape Sticks - Stocking Stuffer from Tried & True Shape Sticks - Stocking Stuffer from Tried & True



  1. I saw this on craftgawker, and I love it! You’re right — it is simple, but the printable templates take it to the next level. Thanks! I think I’ll make these for some nephews.

  2. These are so cute! I love the little bag. Pinning for future reference. I am part of a new moms group and all of our babies are 18 months old….this is a great idea for next year, maybe if I have a year I can get my butt in gear to make 20 or so!

  3. I absoluty love these. Didnt see them in time for Christmas, but maybe for Easter baskets. I do have a couple questions…how many sticks did you use? And did you put both hook pieces on the same side and both loop on the same side…or is there a hook and loop on each side?

  4. I couldn’t believe how expensive the hook and loop stickers were! (15 set pack for $3.60 – making each stick almost $1!!) Any tips on finding less expensive stickers?

  5. I saw something like this a long time ago, but with magnets for the side of the refrigerator, and never got around to doing them. I’m thinking this would be more portable! Thanks for getting this idea back in my head! (saw the link to your post on Pinterest! Just had to share since you originally saw the idea on Pinterest, too!)

  6. Quick question as I am sitting here making a set. We put a hook and loop on the fronts of each stick. Now we are doing the backs. My question is do you match the hook on the back with the hook on the front? Or do you alternate…hook on front top and loop on back top? Hope this isn’t to confusing.


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