Reindeer Finger Puppet

Welcome to Seven Days of Stocking Stuffers! Seven days where we talk about projects small enough to fit in a stocking and easy enough that you won’t pull your hair out in the process. Not into stockings? No worries, these projects would also be great for any occasion!

We’re big fans of finger puppets over here. Who needs TV when you’ve got 10 little fingers, right? Now you can make your very own reindeer to add to your puppet collection. All you have to do is follow Soto Softies wonderful tutorial on Mammal Finger Puppets, making two small adjustment to add horns instead of ears and a little red button for the nose.  Turning the puppet right side out was a bit tricky but, just as the tutorial says, go slowly and it’ll eventually turn.

Proof of how much a 2 year old will dig this puppet:



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