Permanent Chalkboard Wishlist

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone has a wonderful day full of good food and amazing family! Now that Thanksgiving has almost come and gone, we can start thinking about the end of the year and all the holidays associated with it. Here’s a fun Permanent Chalkboard Wishlist tutorial I wrote for the awesome blog, Ucreate (original post). Hope you enjoy!

Hello, lovely Ucreate readers! I’m Vanessa Brady from Tried & True and I’m here to show you how to make your own Permanent Chalkboard Wishlist. Kids (and adults!) will have fun filling it in year after year and when the holiday season is over, all you have to do is wipe it clean and store it for next year. I’m planning on taking yearly pictures with my kiddos and their wishlists…if they stay still long enough. 😀  Hope you enjoy the tutorial!

Permanent Chalkboard Wishlist

free “All I Want For Christmas Is” printable
– clipboard
– chalkboard paint
– transfer paper
– white paint pen
– fine sandpaper


1. Apply a couple coats of chalkboard paint to the clipboard, waiting recommended time between coats. Allow to dry and cure completely.

2. Use the transfer paper to copy free “All I Want For Christmas Is” printable to clipboard by laying it on the chalkboard with the free printable on top. Use a pencil to trace around the edges of the words and lines. Remove papers and voila! I love how this stage looks.

If you decide to tape down the transfer paper, you might want to tape it to the back of the clipboard. You can see how I accidentally pulled up a bit of the paint when I tried to remove the tape! (Just paint over bare spot if you make the same mistake.)

3. Color in transferred image with white paint pen. I gotta tell you, there’s a bit of a learning curve with paint pens. Too much paint and it’ll be hard to sand away. Not enough and it looks streaky. Just go slow and know that any mistakes you make will just add to the hand drawn look of it. 😉

4. Once the paint is completely dry, take your fine sandpaper and gently go over image. Starting to look like chalk, huh?!

5. There you go…all you need to do now is fill it in, hang it up and wait for the gifts to come pouring in. 😀



  1. I love this. Do make chalkboards but would never have thought of this. Thank you so much for sharing. My best ideas come from someone else and I love the fact that you share.

  2. Love this! What is transfer paper? Is that what I ask for at my craft store? I’ve used tracing paper before but not transfer paper…

    • I think tracing paper is the same thing. The Martha Stewart line called it transfer paper but I believe a light-colored tracing paper would work too.

  3. The link for for your All I Want for Christmas template for chalkboard is no longer live. 🙁 Will you repost it or send via email?


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