Peep Easter Wreath 2012

peepwreath2012_02smWell, the Peeps have made their arrival to stores everywhere and you know what that means…Peep Wreaths! In case you aren’t a regular reader, you can find my Peep Wreath Tutorial here. And if you’re short on time, my 2011 version (when I was 36 weeks pregnant) can be done super fast. Here’s my original wreath I did back in 2007. Look at those crazy red Peeps!

I went a little different this time around with a 14″ diameter wreath (I would definitely suggest using a smaller one! The cost of Peeps totally adds up.) covered in rings of blue and yellow. The outside yellow ring of Peeps took forever but the rest came together fairly quickly.

peepwreath2012_08smI had a new helper this year as well! Those nimble little fingers are finally getting coordinated enough to be of some use. 😀

peepwreath2012_03smOriginally, I hung the wreath without the little “Happy Spring” banner but I felt like it needed just a little something more. After looking at the pictures, though, I can’t decide which one I like more.

peepwreath2012_06smI’m going to attach a free printable just in case you decide you also want a “Happy Spring” banner. Link will be at the bottom of this post.

peepwreath2012_04smpeepwreath2012_05smJust print it out, cut, fold and place with toothpicks. Easy peasy.

peepwreath2012_07smAhh, there’s something about impaled Peeps that just screams “Spring!”

happyspring(Click on image for “Happy Spring” pdf)


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