Ombre Kumihimo Yarn Bracelets

Make some fun stylish Ombre Kumihimo Bracelets this Summer!

Looking for a fun way to incorporate the fun ombre trend that’s going on right now? Check out this tutorial for Ombre Kumihimo Bracelets that I originally wrote for Crafts Unleashed. Never tried Kumihimo? No worries, once you have the right supplies, it’s totally easy! This post may contain affiliate links for you convenience and to help in the maintenance of this site.

I am completely addicted to Kumihimo.

“So, what exactly is Kumihimo?” I’m glad you asked!

It’s the tradition Japanese art of braid making and if you Google it, you’ll see tons of amazing and intricate designs. Once you understand the process, it’s actually really easy and totally something you can do while sitting at the park or watching TV. This would also be a perfect camp or summer activity.

Ombre Kumihimo Bracelet - Done

Let’s get started!

Ombre Kumihim Yarn Bracelets



Step 1. For each bracelet, cut four strands of yarn, each one four times the amount you need to go around your wrist. If you decide to make an ombre yarn bracelet, you’re going to need either yarn with a color scheme you like or you’ll have to dye your own with alcohol inks and spray bottles. If you’re dyeing, create a gradient by keeping the colors in the center.

Ombre Kumihimo Bracelet - StrandsStep 2. Fold all four strands in half and tie a knot at the top. This will be the end closure but will also help you pull down on the bracelet as it’s being made.

Ombre Kumihimo Bracelet - BeginStep 3. I highly suggest you follow the instructions included in the kit at this point!  Once you understand how to position the yarn and the process by which you create the braid, it’s really quite easy. The only hint I have that’s not mentioned in the booklet is when you have to take a break or stop, always end when you have three strands on one side of the disc (like in image #2 and #4). That way you’ll know exactly where to start when you pick it up again!

Ombre Kumihimo Bracelet - BasicStep 4. Continue braiding until you reach your desired length and tie a knot on the end. Cut off excess yarn just past the knot.

Ombre Kumihimo Bracelet - KnotStep 5. Add a bit of glue at the end of the knot if you’re worried about it unraveling.

Ombre Kumihimo Bracelet - SecureStep 6. Once the glue had dried completely, you can secure and wear!

Ombre Kumihimo Bracelet - AttachStep 7. Repeat steps 2-6 with each color.

Ombre Kumihimo Bracelet - OmbreI should warn you, Kumihimo is totally addictive! There are tons of different patterns you can make. There’s even a heart one that I really like, but that’ll have to be a totally different tutorial.

Ombre Kumihimo Bracelet - Stylin'What colors will you incorporate into your ombre Kumihimo yarn bracelets?



  1. so pretty! brings back my middle school days! :)

  2. love these! So much easier looking than the ones I mad in jr. high. Pinned it for teaching my girls when they are a little older. great rainy day activity! I want one in a shade of pea green!

  3. Hello! I popped in after seeing your napkin holders today and had a lovely fall down the rabbit hole that is your blog. Thank you for filling my brain with wonderful and creative thoughts and ideas. I’ll be back if you’ll have me.


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