No Skid Soles


Can I just say how difficult it was getting this picture? Actually, getting a picture of Jackson’s feet was easy. Getting it in focus, now that’s another story!

You may remember my post a couple months ago about making some soft-soled shoes for Jackson. I used some thin fake leather for the soles and a recycled wool sweater for the tops of the shoes. They looked adorable but after a few weeks of crawling, Jackson wore right through the toes of the sweater and had slipped a number of times because the bottoms were so slick.

I researched a few websites that suggested putting either puff paint or some sort of liquid carpet anti-skid stuff on the bottom of baby shoes to prevent them from slipping so much but I was a little hesitant to put anything that might peel off into his mouth. Just in case.

So I came up with the idea to sandwich a layer of kitchen drawer liner in between the layers of the soles. I cut out ovals from the fake leather soles, laid down the liner and sewed around the outside of the ovals to keep it all in place. I than just continued with the rest of the directions.

Super easy and now that I put all this effort into making these, he now fits into the adorable big boy shoes his aunt got him. Oh well, at least now I know how to make them for the next rugrat!


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