Mystery Squash Revealed!


Remember the mystery squash from yesterday? Let’s cut it open and see if that helps you figure out what it is a little more…


Appetizing, huh? Looks more like an alien spinal column than something you’d saute in butter, right? According to my extensive research (a small paragraph in the seed catalog that helped me figure out what the heck this was), you can eat this when it’s still young but once it matures it turns into…

A Loofah! Crazy, right? No wonder my in-laws opened one up and thought it was rotting from the inside out. I found a website,, that explained how to clean it and in what was one of the more exciting afternoons I’ve had in a long time (Wow, that sounds pathetic), my mystery gourd transformed from dinner to a Loofah sponge. Right before my eyes! Awesome.

Here are some more pictures of the cleaning process just in case you are as curious as I was:



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  1. Did you use dry erase markers on your tile? That’s awesome! I ordered my seeds for the luffa squash. i’m waiting for them to arrive ūüôā

    • Yeah, my husband and I write funny little things to each other on the tiles. Are you planning on eating the luffa or crafting with it?

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