Mother’s Day Sewing Matryoshka

I’ve got the perfect, sweet little Mother’s Day gift for the favorite sewer in your life! If she’s anything like me, she always misplaces her tape measure and can never have too many pins. This project takes care of both of those and makes a super cute addition to her sewing desk as well. On to the tutorial…

Mother’s Day Sewing Matryoshka

– large wooden matroyoshka
– drill & drill bits
– tape measure (small enough to fit inside doll)
– hot glue gun and sticks
– paint & supplies
– fabric (4″ circle)
– felt (4″ circle)
– sewing needle and thread
– fluff (bought or recycled)

1. Measure and drill out holes for tape measure release button and tape. Feed the pull tab through the drilled slot, making sure to line up both openings so that the tape pulls out easily. (Note: this part is somewhat optional. If you aren’t comfortable around a drill or if you don’t have someone to do it for you (Thanks Jim!), you can always omit the tape measure part and just make your Sewing Matryoshka an enclosed pin cushion.)

2. Lay down an ample band of hot glue to keep the tape measure in place.

3. Paint the Sewing Matryoshka exterior.

4. Place your two 4″ fabric and felt circles together and loosely sew around the edges. Fill with fluff and pull on the ends of the thread to cinch shut. Tie threads to secure and place inside matryoshka.

5. Include some pretty pins and maybe a nice pattern or two and you’ve got yourself a pretty cute Mother’s Day gift!

There are still a few spots open for the Guest Poster positions while I’m on maternity leave. Doesn’t have to be much, just a single picture and a great recipe or super simple sewing project. Could be as easy as having me repost a tutorial from your blog archive. Contact me if interested!

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