Martin Luther King Day Window Art

Martin Luther King Day Window Art I started the idea for this project a year ago (shesh, where does 12 months go?!) but didn’t have the right supplies and quite frankly, my kiddos were way too little to make this an appropriate craft for them. With Jack being older and having a little more hand control, I decided to revisit the project for the upcoming Martin Luther King Day on Monday. Thought I would offer it here in case anyone else wants to make MLK art for their window too! Martin Luther King Day Window Art

Martin Luther King Day Window Art

- crayons
- pencil shapener
- wax paper
- black vinyl/contact paper
- Dream stencil (pdf, svg, studio)

Martin Luther King Day Window Art 1. Use pencil sharpeners to make crayon shavings. Note: I tried to talk to Jack about how each of the crayons represented different types of people in this world and how boring the world would be if we only had one color but Jack looked at me like I was insane to think that crayons were people. Decided to move away from analogies and just enjoy the pretty colors. Maybe next year!

Martin Luther King Day Window Art 2. Spread the crayon shavings between two wax paper sheets. Try to spread them out more than we did for more of a stained glass effect. With your iron set on low, melt the crayon shavings in between the wax paper. Press down and lift the iron straight up. Don’t slide the iron or you’ll have a purple/brownish mess!

Martin Luther King Day Window Art 3. Cut Dream stencil out of vinyl with either a cutting machine or with an xacto knife. I made sure to keep the design really simple in case you were doing it by hand!

Martin Luther King Day Window Art 4. Affix the stencil to the wax paper. I found this to be easiest when I started from the bottom, pulling the backing away an inch at a time while smoothing the vinyl down.

Martin Luther King Day Window Art 5. Trim away the excess wax paper and use a small piece of tape to attach to a window for everyone to enjoy!

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  1. says

    This is so creative, Vanessa! So many possibilities for the types of projects you can do using this same method…I’ll have to try it. And I love that MLK Jr. gets a little a shoutout in blogland amidst the plethora of Valentine’s Day crafts. Brava!


    • bumblev says

      Thanks, Heather! Although I must admit, my kids were more interested in throwing the crayon shavings everywhere then they were in making art. :D

  2. Kelli says

    I love this! Am I missing the link for the pdf stencil? I can’t seem to find it on there. Thanks a ton for this!


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